How To Cope With Reality

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    Throughout my many years researching the monetary system and the manner in which we Americans lost our once proud republic to the sycophants who used simple economics and unwavering infiltration to subvert our heritage, I have at times been asked how to deal with it all. Well, I am sad to report that there's no simple way to make life easier once the information has crept into the mind; just as there is no going back to a minimalist society without violent change. The very best we can hope for is to live as best we can by supporting those we love and remaining vigilant without resorting to violence unless it arrives on our doorstep -and only then, in the most precarious situation, defend our lives from the tyranny we have permitted to exist and multiply due to ignorance and complacency.

    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I never intended to rain on anybody's parade. I am certain that, despite my feeble attempt at bringing this information to light, most Americans will simply continue to live their lives oblivious to what happens behind the scenes in our courtrooms, newsrooms, and in the halls of legislature. They will continue to believe, to varying extent, the voices emanating from the television in hypnotic tone; and the people will sleep well at night right up to the time their doors are kicked in and they are herded off to prison camps. I am also certain that most will claim this will never happen, even though it has happened before in Nazi Germany, and during World War II if you were the wrong ethnicity, and during hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I suppose it's better for these people to not know, for even if they did, the sudden revelation of truth could very well cause them to have mental episodes and they will break down and lose control. I know, I have seen it happen.

    Years ago, I used to belong to another web forum where I shared information and tried to educate others about the terrible machinations of the "elite" and how we are pretty much all living a lie. One young man who frequented at the time, we will just call "Jesse", wanted to learn all he could. After many months of reading and learning, he suddenly stopped showing up. We heard from a relative and verified with local media, that he had just snapped. He stripped naked, burned his home down and was found running through the streets like a crazed lunatic. Now, this is not necessarily indicative of what will happen if you break away from the "normalcy" and traditional thinking of today's culture -but it goes to show you that some people just don't know what to do once their fragile reality is broken.

    Here's some helpful information I can give to help you cope with reality.

    What is the primary focus in your life? If it is your family, as most would claim, then you should not alter this course. Knowing how things came to be and what's really going on in the world shouldn't change this focus for you. In fact, becoming properly informed should only assist you in making sound decisions. You should be investing wisely, paying off your debts and preparing adequate supplies of food, water and medical kit. The "Harry the homeowner" yuppie type can go on living the stylish life leasing his new car and buying expensive decorations to fill his McMansion estate, but YOU will choose to buy a used car and consolidate your remaining bills. Maybe you will even choose to live off-grid and grow your own food. These are all sound ideas, and no matter what is going on in the world, you will be better off because you will be more independent and self reliant.

    Don't pay attention to the news, it's there to indoctrinate you and distract you. Start watching alternative news, and please do not fall victim to all the sensationalist, religious predictions about the "future". Listen, some instances can be accurately measured by forecasting trends and by understanding the philosophies of the corporate elite -but it is NOT an absolute science. You can benefit greatly by living for today in practical manner without getting yourself worked up over the end of the world.

    Find an outlet to work out frustration. Some people choose to exercise, using fitness and well being as a method. Some folks find a hobby and set to work on a project or two. You could also find a spiritual method in meditation and positively affecting the lives of others. I routinely find a deep calming sensation by finding positive input in daily life. I get enough negativity from my resource news feeds and knowing what is going on in the world. Unwind from it all once in a while by finding something to do that you enjoy!

    What are the major points of interest which define this world today?

    1. From the perspective of the masses, nothing is really what it seems.
    2. Nobody alive today was actually born free. We have all been lied to our entire lives.
    3. The exercising of rights are based on property ownership; very few, if any own private property. If you pay property tax, you do not own property, you rent it from the State.
    4. Government is growing exponentially, and is increasingly becoming more tyrannical.
    5. The police have been militarized. This amounts to an actual, standing army for use by the government. Soon, all police will most likely become Federal.
    6. Currently, 65 million Americans have a criminal record. More than 96% of convictions in the federal system result from guilty pleas rather than decisions by juries. The total incarcerated population in the U.S. is a staggering: 2.4 million — a 500% increase over the past 30 years.
    7. Never underestimate the stupidity of other people, especially people in large groups.
    8. The two party political system is a corporate controlled false paradigm.
    9. We live in a corporate oligarchy, which operates much like a Fascist dictatorship, and it is disguised as a "Democracy", when it is supposed to be a democratic republic.
    Now, stop whining about special interests and current events. Take care of yourself and your family -have some self respect and integrity. This isn't THE END of the WORLD, it's a TRANSITION. No society on the face of the planet will last forever, and most are lucky to reach 200 years before crumbling. Ours lasted until 1933, but it was morphed into a corporate run empire when most were too busy trying to feed their families or fight a war against the Nazi's. Don't act surprised! We can still work through this, it's just a simple matter of WILLPOWER. We are the sons and daughters of LEGENDS, who dared to defy a tyrannical king and carve out a nation of their own where every citizen was a king unto themselves. Never forget these brave men and women put their lives, fortunes and families at risk FOR US. We owe it to them, and we owe it to ourselves to be STRONGER than the dangers we FACE.

    Stay positive, and stand ready. The fat lady isn't gonna sing until we tell her to. (she works with us)
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    :cool::) Just a couple of comments.

    Developing a sense of humor about it all is essential, Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. i'm a huge fan of hopium as long as you are preparing for worst case scenario.

    Hope is like food.... without it we die (or snap and kill ourselves), too much of it and you get fat an lazy.

    And just for fun :) lets make fun of the doomsday people that are predicting the apocalypse
    What do they really get out of predicting NOW is the time for second coming.
    • 1st we dont need no more stinking false prophets [LMAO]
    • 2nd if it is end times *news flash* there isnt going to be anyone left to pat you on the back and say *good job you called it* (we are all going to be dead or ascended with no internet access) [bow]
    • 3rd the original prophets in Bible got there 1st so you aren't really telling us anything new
    so really what do dooms day sayers who give a date get out of saying now is the time ?
    I don't know[violin] attention maybe [touchdown] I ignore them or pat them on the head and say nice doggie [tinfoil101]

    Choose being right or being loved....
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    Great post Brokor. Sent it to all my email contacts.
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    Well said!
    I personally think if our current "Liar in Chief" goes for a third term, as even Rush Limbaugh has mentioned as a possibility, it's on!!
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    What are you talking aboot? In Heaven the internet will be wifi.
    Pretty sure.
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    I have 2 thoughts about coping with reality. #1: What is this reality you speak of?, and #2: I prefer to think it's not a matter of if I can cope with reality, it's can reality cope with me? :)

    Okay 3 thoughts: #3 Just quietly go about my business to be ready to take care of my family when needed.
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    Many can, and will, "Rail against the Machine" Protest, March, Demonstrate, and generally waste a HUGH Amount of Personal Energy, and think they have "Done Something, Constructive" but in Brokor's "Reality" that is all they will have accomplished. I choose to live in a place where NONE of those Realities, have but a very small effect on my Life. Having been Preparing ALL My LIFE, I am easily set up, for myself and Momma, for what is likely to be the REST Of My Days, on this Rock. This is a GREAT comfort to myself, and Momma, in that we have what we need, and can easily sustain ourselves, for the rest of our lives, with what we have and can harvest from our local environment, no matter what the Political or Financial World should decide to do. If Folks would put half the Energy, they expend on Frivolous Pursuits, into getting themselves SetUp as a Good Prep'er, they could feel the same comfort we enjoy. I know this is "Preaching to the Choir" here, but still it needs to be stated.
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    We said BTPost.... And awareness of your surroundings aka political nonsense is essential in the lower 48. We have to have some lead time to know when to cut and run to your place ;)
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    Cope? Take the meds and drink the water and chant 'Merica'
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    Well, @Ganado In theory you could "Run to my place" as I am on North American MainLand, HOWEVER, the last 250 Miles, is ALL UnTracked Alaskan Wilderness, with NO ROADS, or Trails, PERIOD. The only way, IN or OUT is by Boat, or Airplane, and I have that covered, out to 1000Yds.... and If you are NOT Known, you are going to be "Discouraged".....
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    I'm teasing you.... I am not going any where unless I have too. And no one knows where that is ;)
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    I'd be calling first!
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    @VisuTrac You are "Known" and "Welcome at my Fire",,,, ANYTIME....
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    I believe I explained this. Perhaps you were only joking?

    And everybody knows BTPost is quite comfortable way up there in Alaska. Everybody can't live in Alaska, though. Still, it's a smart move for him, but I hate the frigid north almost as much as I do Fascism.
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    • This one bothers me because we know that many of the former military go into law enforcement. Now if they took an oath to the country, I do wonder where they stand on the whole militarization of the police force. Have they become sheep to the force or would they only go so far then say no this is wrong?

    The question is how far are people willing to transition. Is resistance futile?
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    All I could ask is that if you see a rusty looking fishing boat with "SS Monkey" and a yellow canary painted on the side anchored out @ 1,100 yrds that you give a token 2nd look before raising yer elevation..biglaff
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    Reality is for those who can't handle the goverment's fantasy...
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    To quickly answer your question just look at what happened in Germany right before and during WWII. All those Germans involved (police, military and civilians) did not start out as bad guys, but brainwashing and a sheeple attitude lets things like that happen. Our .goob has been brainwashing the masses against the patriots in this country by making them out as terrorists and anti patriotic, when in fact the .goob fits right into those categories.
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