How to deal with Ft. Hood Murders

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jim2, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Please send this to everyone you know and lets get some grass roots movement on this. Have them send it along to Senators and Representatives.

    The news of the latest shooting at Ft. Hood has me greatly distressed. While the first one was unacceptable, the newest shooting has me livid. It is far past time to do something to allow our fighting men and women to protect themselves. Extra security is not enough (who has time to wait 15 mins like this time?) and simple steps can be taken to greatly shorten the required reaction time.
    If senior enlisted personnel and officers were armed 24/7 as the US Military has done in the distant past, these and other greater threats could be addressed in a more timely fashion, greatly reducing fatalities and injuries. Enlisted Ranks from E6/7, and all officers could be armed with a service pistol and a full magazine. With no round in the chamber ready to fire, Accidental Discharges of the service weapon would be all but eliminated. The service pistol can be drawn and a round chambered in less than two seconds by the slowest of personnel. That is a lot less time than 15 minutes. The personnel in these ranks tend to be rock solid, and can be easily trained in the proper application of the weapon at the company level. If they are not this reliable, then they should be removed from Service as they would not deserve to hold this important position. All of this would cost little or nothing as the system of arming and training personnel is already in place. It is the most tactical and cost effective way to supply the required security on post.
    Further, the old standby of ruining a senior officers career because of what someone under he/she does has got to go. The armed personnel must be the sole responsible person for the security and use of their issued weapon. Let the chips fall where they may.
    Our service personnel deserve all the respect and support we can give them, and it is a grave insult to their integrity, not to mention a total disregard of their safety to leave them at the mercy of whatever malcontent or lunatic that happens to amble by. Please take the urgently needed steps to ensure that these honorable people are no longer left helpless to the whim of those unworthy to breath the same air. Please arm them now, they deserve no less!
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    As a former old E7 army sergeant, I completely agree with you.

    I also think that taking them, removing their names from anything, any record of their existence, burn them to ashes, scatter those ashes on the salt flats where no flower will grow over them, and urinate on the ashes. Would work for any of the killers, like the one that shot Giffords, John Lennon, any of them. They cease to exist. No infamy.
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    Here's another idea. Since Texas has one of the more effective (and popular) concealed carry laws in the nation, why not allow ANY person on the base, who has gone through their concealed carry class & is licensed by the state to carry, also do so on base? I realize we're talking the difference between state and federal rules, but's about keeping the bad guys from believing they'll just be able to walk in and start shooting, without IMMEDIATE response, right?

    So why not take advantage of a resource that's readily available, more than willing to be utilized, and (I'm pretty certain) wouldn't even mind a little bit more range time, if that's what it took to be considered adequately trained and ready to go.
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  4. Kingfish

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    I think they should call in Dr. Peter Breggin to study this man and interview him. My guess is he had adverse reactions to ssri drugs and most likely once weaned off them will not be violent at all. There needs to a real investigation into the use of these drugs and this would be a real good time to do one. If it is proven the guy was bad news either way? death by firing squad.
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    Kingfish, he offed himself when confronted by a MP.
  6. BTPost

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    Just proves the dude, was a Coward... And could NOT live with the Consequences of his own actions...
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  7. Kingfish

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    It does not prove that at all Bruce. It proves he was really screwed up. The fact is he was another in a long line of mass shooters who were taking ssri drugs. It is very possible this man should have been in a hospital but instead some government shrink prescribed these drugs for him (Knowing full well what could happen) and let him continue at the base. SSRI drugs are proven to enhance violent actions including suicide. But we will never know now because he's dead. Read the case file Breggin has on his site about the kid from Canada who stabbed and killed his best friend. Breggin proved (in court) that the drug caused the kid to kill. After the kid was off them for a period of time his violent behavior stopped. Breggin is the countries leading expert on this topic. He told Congress we had to stop pumping our young soldiers with these drugs.

    Peter R. Breggin, MD - Antidepressants & Suicide - Congressional Testimony [Video]
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    @Kingfish [winkthumb] I am a firm believer also.
    Nearly Every Mass Shooting In The Last 20 Years Shares One Thing In Common, & It's NOT Weapons

    @jim2 is correct we need to let our military be armed, it feels stupid even writing that. It is pathetic that our military isn't allowed to carry on base.

    This latest shooting could have the knee jerk politicians passing laws that could leave people defenseless. If they passed a law that anyone who has taken SSRI drugs or sleeping pills cannot own a weapon, how many does this disarm?
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    the answer hasn't changed in a thousand years. Stop telling people they can't be armed.
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    @ Motomom34, I dont want to see anyone denied the right to own guns drugs or not. I WANT THE DRUG COMPANIES to be responsible for once. Sue those bastards or force them to stop making UNSAFE drugs. If they cant make an SSRI safe then they should not be making them and handing them out like candy. The ultra left would love to take guns away from anyone even at risk of using them for any reason. It is not the people taking them that is the problem. It is the drugs themselves because unlike guns they are not a tool. They are a medication that does not always work the way they are supposed to. These drugs are causing young men to flip out and shoot people. The drugs need to be made safe or pulled from circulation. Ill not allow the left to use this to take away guns from people on Paxil and such. That is not my intent. It is to put the drug companies to the task. Put them under the whip.
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    It is NOT the Drug Companies that are handing these out like Candy..... It is the Doctors.... Make them PAY for their misDiagnosis of the Patients, and MalPractice, by overdosing them with the Wrong Drugs. If they prescribe it, then they need to OWN the Results... PERIOD....
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  12. Idahoser

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    how come everybody jumps straight on the drug companies but nobody ever thinks to get on the FDA? The drug companies get yelled at when they don't provide some experimental drug to save one kid, but the FDA is the one that says whether they can do that or not. Then the FDA never gets any blame when it goes wrong.
    Are they responsible or not? Let's pick one and go with that.
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    I can't get on the wagon load of drug company bashers, they are simply trying to sell what the market demands. If the drug is approved for use, gets used, and shows up later to have unanticipated effects, well then, pull it from the market. Think like a recall for a car with bad brakes. It is downright impossible to see what time will reveal, whether it's a car, lawn mower or drug. Gotta say, what I get these days is that SSRI drugs are dangerous. Alternatives or substitutes? Dunno.
  14. Kingfish

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    Better to force them to make a better drug then to ban guns. This is the slant that the left uses. They say take guns away from anyone who is on these drugs. So I say fix the drugs. Fix the FDA, Fix the doctors who hand them out like candy. It is clear that the use of them is causing these killings. The system that is in charge of handing them out needs to be held to the fire. Yes the FDA should not be approving them. When a car company has a defect that causes accidents they have recalls. When a furnace malfunctions and releases carbon monoxide into a house it is condemned and when toys are deemed unsafe they are banned and recalled. Why are these drugs which by their own admissions are dangerous even legal? Why do we not hold them to the same standards? I believe the answer is politicians and another huge industrial complex that controls those politicians.
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    Blaming prescription or illegal drugs for killing people is as insane as the psychologists/doctors prescribing them. We are responsible for our own actions--good or bad. No one wants to be responsible for their own behavior. Easy to blame it on someone/something else--just look at nobammy. In Israel the perps are given a number--that eliminates the publicity for the criminals.
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    Damn straight! If you do it, then own it.

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