How to draw out a stinger or splinter

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Motomom34, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Tully Mars

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    or riding mower..
  2. A little tip on using onions on stings. Peel off 1 layer and "Scrap" the thin membrane off one side. and place THAT side on the sting. Other wise it wont draw. Also you will find doing it will also stop or greatly decrease the sting. The onion actually works to neutralize the poison in the stingers. But you have to remember to scrap the thin coating off.
  3. Bishop

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    I use it when it's on top like with cactus thorns and bee stings until drys then you can pull the glue off like dead skin with them in it

    If it's deep you can take a ball point pen a part and use the end where the pen comes out place over the entrance point and push down hard and hold it may make it pop out
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    Glue, especially fast drying high strength like Gorilla glue do an amazing job, you can also C.A. type super glues, the ammonia will help lessen the itch/sting as well as grab the thorn or stinger!

    Another neato idea is to use a Black Head remover loop tool, there are a few different types, but you want the double ended version with tight loop on one end and small slot end on the flat end! Press the flat end around a stinger hard amd scrape in the direction opposite its insertion, for thorns, use the loop end, press down and use tweezers if possable to grasp amd remove!

    Lastly, coarse steel wool can be scraped backward across a small sticker and will almost always draw it out!
    For deeply embedded stickers, your going to need to go digging, a good long shank sewing needle is the go to, the fine tip for digging and lifting, and the eye for drawing it out!
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    Sounds like a Fire Ant bite
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    You have a picture ofwhaof it looks like
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    Bobbie pin and needle or tweezers. Takes a helper to manipulate the tools.
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    We call those "Cowkillers" down here. Tough buggers! I'm a big feller, and have stomped these things with my boot, only to have them crawl on their way!
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    That velvet ant has a stinger as long as it's body and it can go in any direction.
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    These would be great for the glove box of our cars. I think these would come in real handy. I always have a reaction to stings so I will be getting some of these kits. Probably one for my BOB also.
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    Other day I discovered a splinter and tried with a exacto knife to get it and could not get it so I used super glue and let it set up real good , a few hours later I pealed of the glue and the splinter with it .
  12. Not only that, But if you pick em up with tweezers? You CAN hear them squeal! Then there is the Fire worms in FLA. black and orange furry striped catapillers. They burn just as bad as the cow killer ants bite does.
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    The glue trick works very well.

    Elmer's Wood Glue will do the job. Let it dry and gently peel it off.

    Super glue also works. Put the tiniest possible drop on the stinger, and then immediately dump on a pinch of backing soda.

    It'll make a hard lump like concrete almost instantly. Blow away the excess powder, then just grab the lump with tweezers and pull it off. The stinger will come right out.
  14. Zimmy

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    I've used Elmers with some success. Especially with fine hair cactus thorns.

    Usually, I just dig them out with a needle.

    I had a brass shaving festering in a knuckle once that I couldn't find with a ton of digging. I just erased the offending area with the bench grinder wheel edge. The clean wound healed a lot faster than the infected one would have.
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    Yes been there a few times , coke drops help the pain till work is over.

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    Damn, Shes a walking maggot farm!
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    No this is !!! sTRONG GUTS
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    I use epson salt to remove stubborn splinters,just keep soaking it until it starts working its way out,not sure how it works on stingers but it would probably help.
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    I got a needle and started digging. I think I got it out because the itching has stopped.

    I am glad others have tried glue, onion and Epsom salt plus other methods. When the kids were little they hated splinter removal. I always tried adhesive tape then if that didn't work I would get the needle. Glad to now there are other tested and successful methods out there.
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    My friend impaled himself in the leg with some rotting wood. Big splinter! Bad wood. Went in several inches. This was while camping. Had to cut him open a bit to get it out. Tried getting as much out as possible without cutting much. But couldn't leave the rotten stuff that broke off inside. Wasn't for the squeemish. Funny, it was the boys watching that squealed. Not the girls.
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