How to guage approximate distance

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    The Old Farmer's Almanac I think this link will work better than the one in post #1

    There are quite a few different methods of judging distances without using laser range finders or surveying equipment. Most of these method have been developed by the military and others in the field.

    Several, are outlined in a Marine Corps field training lesson plan on range estimation, and it can be found as a Word .doc at:

    other methods such as using flash-bang (or crack-thump of small arms), and using telescopic and binocular graticules (using the subtention rule...i.e. 1mil =-1metre at 1,000 metres) are explained at:

    Estimate Range (

    Estimating Range With A Mil-Dot Reticle | The Shooter's Log

    angular distances using "hand angles"

    Angular mil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHow to Easily Estimate Distances |
    Angular mil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If some of the distance and angle values are known, then pythagoras' theorem can be used to calculate the unknown values
    Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes To Life® - How the Distance of
    Mickey's Longest Home Run Was Calculated

    Effective Distance and Connectivity
    using ratios of known measurements to calculate unknown distances using pythagoras theorem.

    or use angle cards....
    Angle Cards - A "business card" for measuring angle and distance from arm's length

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