How to install tire chains

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    How to install tire chains
    I do not have bar cleat tires for my tractor so I am forced to use the turf tires when working the soil in a garden. I use two set in each tires one set has ice cleats on them.

    The flowing are the instructions for installing tire chains.

    1 Jack up the rear of the tractor so that the tires are clear of the ground.

    2 Deflate the tires. {Let the air out of them.}

    3 Remove the chains from there storage container.

    4 Stretch the chains out on the ground. The ice cleats are to point down.
    If the chains do not have ice cleats the opening of the fasteners are to point down.

    5 Check to make sure that the chains are not twisted. If they are twisted untwist them by passing the chains through themselves.

    6 Drag the chains under the tires.

    7 Grasp the front ends of the chain with booth hands and lift the chain up until it makes contact with the tire.

    8 Wile holding the chain against the tire rotate the tire until the chine is hanging evenly on both the front and back of the tire.

    9 Reaching behind the tire hook the hook in the first link.

    10 Wile keeping the chain centered on the tire hook the out side in the link that makes the chain as short as possible wile still keeping it centered on the tire, fasten the clasp.

    11 Are the chains centered and snug on the tire? If not unfasten the clasp and repeat step #9 hooking the hook as to shorten the chain.

    12 Repeat step # 10

    13 Repeat step #11

    14 When the chains are as tight as you can get them inflate the tire until the chains are tight or you have reached maxim operating pressure {PSI number on the tire}

    15 Are the chains tight? If not repeat steps # 10, 11 and 14.

    16 If the chins are tight bind the tails with steel wire to the tires chains.

    17 if you are going to install a 2<SUP>nd</SUP> set of chains to the same tire repeat stapes # 2-16. If you are not going to install a 2<SUP>nd</SUP> set of chains on the same tire go to next step.

    18 Repeat steps # 2 - 16 to the tire on the other side.

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    Interesting post I have used tire chains all my life and have never let the air out of the tires or jacked up the vehicle to install them.
    and I use a bungee cord to keep the side in tension.
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    If you try it my way you will be amazed at how well it works. I work part time in a small engine shop and my tractor is a beast it takes two sets of chains and 400+ of weight to even think about holding it. The last thing I need with that kind of torque is a chain coming off and wrapping around an axle. Even with fronts weights if the plow is in tuff ground it will carry the front wheels in 2<SUP>nd</SUP> high {5<SUP>th</SUP> gear qv} and not even bump the governor.
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    I used to use ture chains on my old Jeep. It was a YJ with a 2.5L 4 cylinder engine, and could only put 235/75 r15's on it. So I got two sets of chains. I always just laid them out flat in front of the tires, then drove onto them. Then I would just wrap them up around the tires and secure them in place with their own bungies. The Jeep drove like a tank! Not much would stop it, but you couldn't go very fast.

    I'm sure that putting the chains on your tractor is a much larger operation than putting chains on dinky little 235's. Also I didn't have to put up with the cleats that you are using in conjunction with your chains.

    Now I have a newer jeep, a TJ with a 4.0L inline six. I have a set of dedicated 32" studded snow tires that I swap out in the winter. I haven't used chains for a number of years. I know that the studded tires aren't as good as chains, but are always on the vehicle (at least until April, when the state says that studded tires must come off).
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    I have used tire chains for years, without letting the air out of the tires. I have found some cable chains that do not require tightners that have worked out quite well.
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