How to judge an AR?

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    With a nod to @phishi and to keep from sidetracking other AR threads, I'm posting this chart, shamelessly taken from a post by @melbo (with a big thanks for posting it in the first place.)

    EDITED - to list the following relevant threads here, which got me thinking about this:
    Not all AR15s are created equal. | Survival Monkey Forums
    Monkey configuration AR15 | Survival Monkey Forums

    It's a good chart, using Colt as the standard, for good reason. The question is, what would you monkeys add to the chart? Is there anything worth considering that isn't on there?

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    Its interesting in that reading the chart authors blog, he didn't set out with Colt as the standard. His research and data was what placed Colt as the standard and was (some claim) responsible for other manufacturers 'upping' their game so they could score better on The Chart.
    "Milspec" and why Words Matter - TacticalYellowVisor

    Since he has abandoned the project, it would be kinda cool for someone (us?) to pick it up and begin adding more builds to it.
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    That is interesting - it's easy to assume Colt defined the standard, just by being Colt and all that...

    For adding to it, maybe we could start with the lower receiver section; many will say that the manufacturing process and/or specific materials used are a factor. I started a poll a few weeks ago on the topic of AR lower manufacturing processes, and the variety of responses received suggests that it might be worth looking at. (Props to everyone who participated in that thread, as the responses received now contribute to this thread too, in a way...) Of course some will say that such differences are just for marketing purposes and hold little real value, so some agreement or even test results might be needed in order to determine if it's worth including as a factor of quality.

    (On a side note, that reminds me to start the follow-up poll that I've been putting off...)
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    Interesting, indeed. I haven't noticed when The Chart was originally presented, nor when the updates stopped. Could it be that another mfr has exceeded the Colt standard and should replace Colt at the top of the list?
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    Potentially, but I guess it would be determined by where you want to throw more weight.

    For instance, in the latest chart Colt lacks in handle sight, & 1 year warranty. BCM matches every thing Colt does but has a lifetime warranty, a folding BUIS, and does so at a lower cost. Does the handle sight, warranty, or cost issue bother you? Or does the prestige of owning a Colt justify to you the higher cost? Does the carry handle sight fit better with your load out? Does the one year warranty seem a no brainier as you believe that Colt makes an AR that will never go wrong?

    For the record, my 2nd AR build was a BCM based on the chart and availability at time of purchase. You can see when I threw my weight. That being said I find no fault with someone who looks at the chart and comes to a different conclusion. People will buy what they will and come up with all sorts of reasons to justify what why they did it. Be it a combat capable carbine or a gunshow part built hobby sporter.

    Concerning Tier 1 AR15s: At some point we are splitting hairs on what is the best.

    Just my .02,
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