How to keep a country focused and steady

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Scare the crap out of them repeatedly.

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  2. poacher

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    Intresting. Someone put quite a spin on this. Are they trying to scare us? probably. But given the fact that alot of sheeple are so wrapped up in their suv's and the latest mp3 player if they aren't constantly reminded of this they wouldn't even think of it till another attack on our soil. Do I agree with alot of the currents Admins actions? nope. Do I think the Dems are going to be any better?? When pigs fly. The simple fact is that about a 1/3 of this Country don't have a clue as to whats happening, another 1/3 are so stuck on the politics of it that they would rather debate somthing to death than act on it. The last 1/3??? Well they are here or sites similar to this looking and trying to make the best decisions they can as to what will help them and their loved ones when somthing else happens on our soil.
    Understand my thoughts on this, it really doesn't matter who or what party is in power we as a Nation play too nice to ward off another attack. We are viewed by too many as a soft because we hold out our arms and hands. Yet when we do start to pull back these same people scream that we are cold and unfeeling. It's like a parent that has spoiled their children.

    Anyway enuf rant.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  3. RightHand

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    You've spoken on behalf of many of us poacher. Thanks
  4. Tango3

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    what's so bad about tourists?????foosed:oops:
  5. poacher

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    Hehehehe Tango absolutly nothing wrong with tourists I become one every summer if I can arrange it. I just don't like tourists that are on a working vacation with the end of it becoming a permanant vacation.

    Righthand. Thank you but I've only spoken for myself. My actions and my words are only mine. There's people out there that are qualified better than I to be leaders and representatives. But thnx again.

    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  6. melbo

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    I thought Guilliani looked like he was really enjoying himself.

    I almost can't wait for Hillary to win so you guys will see how equally I hate all Politicians on both sides of the fence. I know it seems like I tend to rag on Bush but I promise I will give Komrade Klinton the same treatment.

    Or Romney or Gore or etc etc.

    2 headed worm
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