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    This is the guide to obtaining your Firearm Certificate. This is sometimes called a FAC or an FAC. In this video you will be shown through the UK Firearms Certificate Application Guide. To my knowledge it is the only video on youtube, with the exception of the Sercout channel (where he briefly talks about it), that guides a newcomer to attaining a firearms license in the UK.

    FAC or Firearms Certificate covers all firearms under Section 1. Anything under Section 5 is prohibited (unless the Home Office approves you which is near-impossible). Section 2 is Shotgun Certificate (SGC), more on this later.

    This video tells you how to do it!

    Despite what the UK government and all of the PC brigade would like you to think, UK citizens can still own rifles and shotguns, you can even still own a hand gun on an FAC S1 - so long as the overall length is 24ins or more.

    To do this you would need to become a member of a shooting club, you need to be a full member, usually for at least six months before you can apply for a section one fire-arms certificate, the police will check that you have been a member of that club.

    The application is a form that you get from the police station, you need to fill it out as specified and then you need to get two character references, and several signed photos. Land details for where you want to shoot is also required (normally a gun club is used instead of this, unless it's for vermin control, deer stalking etc).

    You also need to list all of the fire-arms that you wish to own and the amount of ammo that you want to store, so you have to think about what you are likely to want/afford in the next five years (before you need to re-new your licence); if you don’t buy the guns on your list the next time you need to re-new the police may remove them from your ticket – if you want to buy something not on your list you have to have what’s called a ‘variation’ – and this cost more money.

    You also need to buy and install a Police/Home Office approved gun safe in your home before you are approved by the police (so that they can check it as part of your application - you still may not be approved even if you have gone to the expense of getting one installed...).

    Guidelines for a gun cabinet ideally include:

    Behind a locked door in a room and concealed from prying eyes. So upstairs is best. Hidden within the room as well ought to score points too.

    You must also visit and shoot at your chosen club on a regular basis.

    Firearms you can own on a FAC:

    .22 rim fire rifle.

    Semi-auto or bolt-action.

    You can even have box mag’s.

    These can have a barrel length as low as 12 inches long, but the overall length of the firearm must be at least 24 inches long.



    Bolt action Rifles (ANY Calibre*), any magazine capacity.

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    Lever Action Rifles -

    .38, .357magnum, .44magnum etc.

    Marlins and winchestors are favourite on this. These can have a barrel length as low as 12 inches long, but the overall length of the rifle must be at least 24 inches long.



    You can also get a semi-auto shot gun on a section one ticket, SPAS-12 / 15 or other shot guns with hi-capacity non/detachable magazines. Minimum barrel length for shotguns though is 24 inches. It used to be 20 inches until 1965 when they upped it to 24".


    You may need to join a club that carries out practical shotgun shoots for this though OR have a safety course certificate.

    Black Powder Rifles and Pistols

    With a black-powder license you can also use muzzle-loader firearms without restriction. This is quite complex to obtain though so many gun owners just put their BP rifles and pistols on an FAC and shoot with unlicensed pyrodex instead.


    Some clubs can also apply for something called section 7 (I think) this allows the club to own a proper hand gun that was made before 1915 (so the Colt M1911 .45 is allowed - IF they can find one to buy). BUT it has to be kept at the club and not at an owners home (where it ought to belong).

    Long Barreled Revolvers / Long Barreled Pistols (.22LR)


    Must be over 24ins in total length, so they either have a massive barrel or say a 12ins barrel with a wire frame stock at the rear to make up the length. (you may have to also become a member of another club that Specialises in pistol's before you are allowed to own one).

    Getting Started

    Best thing to do is to look in your telephone directory and look for a local shooting club, you can usually go and visit and talk to the guys (and gals!) there, most clubs will welcome you. Once you get speaking to the local shooting guru he'll be quite happy to help you out.
    As long as you don't have an attitude and get on with the other club members you should be fine.


    Once your 6 months probation at the club is over and you get the ok from the police that your gun cabinet is good to go it's time to apply for your 'toys'
    To do this you need to complete the application form which you can get from your local cop shop.
    Remember, some police counties are stricter than others. Additional 'guidelines' may be that you have to remove the bolt from rifles when locking them up in the house etc.

    As it stands the Firearms certificate for rifles is £50 and for Shotguns £50 also.
    The good news is that these last for 5 years and only cost £40 on renewal
    The bad news is that everytime you want to buy a new weapon you haven't already mentioned on the license application you have to submit your license for a 'variation' which costs around £12-£14.
    So it's best to sort out in your mind what weapons you are wanting and get them all sorted out in your mind for when you come to apply.

    Reason for owning can vary from 'collector', 'vermin-control', 'target-rifle' and 'practical', 'club-practice' for practical rifle/shotgun shoots.
    Since 1968, its been illegal to apply for a firearms license with 'self-defence' as a reason.
    Suppressors (called moderators) are available for FAC holders without any license!

    *Heavy calibre rifles like .50 BMG in bolt-action configuration are only allowed to be fired on about 4 ranges in the entire UK.

    So that's my little guide, please leave questions if you have any and I'll try to answer them as best I can. [​IMG]

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