How to make Hard Tack

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    I bake hardtack in the winter when the oven heat is appreciated, and store it in clean jars after it has cooled down. I use plain non rising flour, salt, water, and roll it out into a sheet about 1/2" thick, bake until brown, then after it has cooled I break it apart into chunks. It's dangerous to bite this stuff as it makes peanut brittle look like soft fudge, and can sure break out your teeth, so sucking and soaking are in order. You will never complain about MRE's again after living on hardtack for awhile, but it will keep your engine turning, is inexpensive, and was the iron ration of the Civil War. Good for caching in hollow trees and such out in areas you might be travelling through in rougher times, will fill your belly and should be augmented with whatever wild foods you can forage. Parched corn is another iron ration from times past, and I like it much better.
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    Pinole is also a good one, and can be made on the stovetop in a frying pan. I like the non-GMO blue corn meal I buy at Fiesta. Lasts at least three years in an unsealed container, but vacuum bagging wille better.

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    You never see hardtack on restaurant menus. Or saltpork. Wonder why?
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