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How to make money: make a law that only creates tax revenue

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

  2. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    maybe we should all sell our own info...lol
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  3. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

    At least get some royalty checks.
  4. Sapper John

    Sapper John Analog Monkey in a Digital World

    beast...If you think Masterpiece theater is boring...you should check out my life...I would have to pay THEM...:rolleyes:
  5. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Somehow, I am not surprised.
  6. Seawolf1090

    Seawolf1090 Adventure Riding Monkey Founding Member

    Now I know why I keep getting applications from those 'warranty' companies, who aways seem to know the make&model, and year, of my vehicle! :rolleyes:
  7. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    As the state records it when the car is inspected; I am surprised the warranty companies don't list your mileage.
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