How to Make Quill & Ink

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    Not sure if this should be here or in Bushcraft. It's another info page I found years ago, how to make your own ink(and a quill if you have goose feathers, I saved some from when we had geese).

    Quill and Ink Recipe
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    Nice, I copied the info here so we don't lose it if that site disappears. I also moved the thread to Back to Basics

    With full credit to: ThinkQuest : Library

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    I just made an attempt at making the walnut shell ink, but it didn't turn out. I crushed up 3 walnut shells, and a brazil nut, too. I followed the recipe and even boiled the shells with vinegar and salt for an extended period. It barely turned to a tea color. Even writing on super bright white paper, it's almost like writing with secret ink or something...

    I am thinking perhaps the recipe calls for the walnut husk, as opposed to just the little shell of the walnut. I see them all the time on the ground, perhaps I should use the whole walnut husk as it falls from the tree instead of the little walnut shell we get in the store. It seems so hard to explain this, but the walnut from the store is what's inside the bigger walnut husk. I am thinking this is what ink is made out of instead of the "shell".
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    If you know what a Black Walnut husk can do to your driveway, then I would say you are right Brokor. They stain the concrete indelibly.
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