How to open the borders w/o Congressional approval? Furlough the Border Patrol

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    Border Patrol agents notified of furlough plans - Tucson News Now

    Border Patrol agents notified of furlough plans

    Posted: Friday, March 8, 2013 5:41 PM ESTUpdated: Friday, March 8, 2013 5:41 PM EST
    By Matt Mendes - email
    TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -
    The local Border Patrol union confirms that thousands of Border Patrol agents may have to take time off without pay so the government can save money.
    More than 800 Border Patrol agents in Arizona have received furlough notices, meaning a mandatory leave of absence.
    The Border Patrol is the latest agency affected by government-wide spending cuts.
    The furloughs could result in delays at ports of entry and international arrivals at airports.
    It will also mean fewer Border Patrol officers on patrol.
    The government is hoping to cut spending by more than $750 million by the end of the fiscal year.
    The furloughs could go into effect by next month.
    Tucson News Now's Matt Mendes will have more on this story tonight on KOLD News 13. You can follow him on Twitter at @MattMendesTNN.
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    OK - step one - no more public appearances or travel by the 1st Lady. That's gotta take a chunk outta that ( sorry future intrusive and inexplicable award show appearances..... ). Step two - all vacations by the Obamas are cancelled ( 1st thing to go in most families when money is tight ) Whats that come to like over 100 million at this point ? I'm en fuego...

    Give me a few minutes...I'll think of something else and have this budget thing fixed in a jiffy...
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    Yeah Ghrit something makes me think how that went terribly wrong for the British in the 18th Century...hmmmmm ( see 3rd Amendment to the Constitution ) - also those who might need a little more convincing can reference The Massacre of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. As I visited there it was sunny and gorgeous - as I exited the vehicle to view what remained of the old village, the fog and weather rolled in and I felt the betrayal of innocents by those they were supposed to have trusted and a shiver ran down my spine and my skin became gooseflesh.

    Only reason it is believed some were able to avoid the trap ( 2 other companies of soldiers were in position blocking the escape routes ) and flee was the terrible bitter blizzard that rolled in. Although doubtless that some perished in the storm as people fleeing in the dead of night for their lives probably didn't pack accordingly.

    Third Amendment to the United States Constitution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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