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    How to Prevent Bird Flu
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    Submitted Friday, November 04, 2005
    Submitted by: George Graham
    Tennessee Mold

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    How to Prevent Bird Flu

    And all other Winter Diseases

    President Bush just announced plans to prepare America for

    a possible Bird (Avian) Flu pandemic (world wide infection).

    Few people still alive in America remember the flu pandemic

    that occurred after World War I. 675,000 people in America

    died when our returning troops brought the illness back

    from Europe. Between 20-40 million died worldwide.

    A modern day pandemic would spread even faster and farther

    because of our modern means of travel. After the war our

    troops came back on slow moving ships. They brought the

    flu to America. Today a few hours is all it takes to get

    to the United States from Europe. The carrier of the

    disease would come into contact with many people before

    they even knew they were sick.

    Will there be such a Pandemic spread of this deadly flu?

    No one knows for sure. One thing is sure:

    just like we know a hurricane will hit the Gulf Coast

    just like we know fires will burn houses in California

    just like we know politicians will always disagree

    we know that at some point of time, a Pandemic will occur.

    Will this be one? There are some things that have to happen

    first. It has to make the jump to people. And it has to

    begin spreading from human to human. So far it hasn’t.

    Some people have gotten sick by prolonged contact with

    birds. But the disease hasn’t learned to move from human

    to human.

    Will it learn to move about the human population? Viruses

    mutate all the time. That’s why we don’t really have a

    cure for the common cold. By the time we have a vaccine

    the virus has changed and the new vaccine doesn’t work.

    Should we wait to see if a problem develops? That’s what

    the people in New Orleans did.

    We should be prepared in case it comes. Period.

    Will our efforts be wasted if it doesn’t?

    No. The same precautions you make for the Bird Flu, are

    the same ones you should make for the normal winter

    infections like the more common flu viruses. And these

    every day illnesses kill a lot of people too. They just

    don’t get the press. So you could be saving your family

    even without a pandemic.

    How do we prevent these illnesses?

    First we need to know how they spread and then interrupt

    that process.

    Viruses like influenza (flu) and colds travel by air and

    by touch.

    If someone sneezes near you and the droplets of infected

    mucus (snot) get into your nose or eyes. You got it.

    If an infected person rubs their nose and shakes your

    hand and you rub your nose. You got it.

    Air and touch.

    So we have to keep it out of our noses. And we have to

    keep it off our skin.

    How do we do that?

    Viruses are tough little bugs in the body. But they are

    easy to kill outside the body.

    My favorite materials are grapefruit seed extract and

    Tea Tree Oil. They kill mold, bacteria and viruses but

    don’t kill people. This last part can’t be said about

    many things on the market.

    I don’t get the flu and don’t take vaccines (an article

    for another time). Here is my regimen.

    Drink bottled water and soda when away from home. The

    glassware in restaurants may be a problem. You don’t

    know who put them on your table. They are supposed to

    wash their hands, but do they? I know restaurant

    workers who laugh at the suggestion that they wash

    between each customer. Also it’s hard for viruses to

    live on a soda bottle in a cooler.

    During the flu season I don’t shake hands.

    I carry sanitizing wipes. If I go to the grocery store

    I wipe the handle of the grocery cart. Who pushed the

    cart before me?

    Doorknobs are unsanitary. When you leave a public

    restroom protect your hand with a paper towel. You

    washed your hands but did the person before you? If

    anyone used the restroom and didn’t wash their hands,

    that doorknob is dirty.

    Stay out of crowds during the flu season.

    There are devices you can wear around your neck that

    sanitize the air around your face. You see people

    wearing them on planes to protect themselves from the

    bad air moving through the air conditioning system.

    I have a friend who maintains large jets. He told me

    that his airline removes 5 tons of mold and

    contaminants each year per plane. They don’t do it

    for sanitation. They do it to save fuel. Five tons

    requires a lot of fuel to get off the ground.

    Wearing a surgical mask would be better than the

    electrical device. You see the people in China wearing

    them all the time. But in America you would draw a crowd.

    Keep your body clean. You don’t know who or what touched

    you. I use CitriSafe Natural Botanical Cleansing

    Concentrate. Put it in your bathwater. It’s gentile

    and chases away those little bugs. There are other

    products in health food stores that do the same. But

    check your source. There are some fakes on the market.

    CitriSafe also produce a spray that sanitizes the mouth.

    It was designed to eliminate mouth sores. The vapors

    also drift up into the back of the nose.

    There are Grapefruit Seed Extract candles on the market

    that sanitize the air in your home or in your motel room

    if your travel. There are also sprays that you can spritz

    in a room to sanitize the air. Make sure they are

    botanical and not some chemical combination that will

    cause other environmental problems. Check the labels.

    There are Grapefruit Seed Extract solutions you can

    drink. The herbal fights viruses inside your body.

    Another good thing about using products with Tea Tree

    Extract and Grapefruit Seed Extract is that they also

    kill mold in your personal space. If you have mold in

    your home or office, these fungal parasites get into

    your body and lower your ability to fight off colds

    and flu.

    Any of these products can be found at most health

    food stores or can be ordered online at



    Have a safe winter and protect yourself. The government

    has only limited ability to protect you from the Bird Flu.

    by Dr GW Graham

    30 Years in Environmental Counseling

    For a newsletter on environmental health send an email to

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