How to remove your house from Google StreetView

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  1. scrapman21009

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    Google Maps has a feature that lets people type in a home address and view a photograph of the front of the house. People can also move their cursor so they can "walk" down the street and view other homes. However, some people consider this a violation of privacy and do not want their homes on a public website. Google Maps will usually only remove images that are contain people, animals or offensive material in a photo. You may be able to remove the photo of your home from Google Maps, but there is no guarantee.

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      Go to the Google Maps home page.
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      Type in your home address in the bar at the top and hit "Search Maps." The map will zoom to your house location.
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      Click on the link at the bottom of the photo that says "Report a Problem." A new window will pop up.
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      Answer the question: "Which element is wrong?" Type a description of the problem. Some valid reasons include the inclusion of a person, pet, car or objectionable item or words in plain view.
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      Check the box that says "Email me when the problem is resolved," type in your email address and then hit "Report Problem." Google staff will review your request and may decide to remove the image.

    Read more : How to Remove a House From Google's Street View | eHow
  2. Motomom34

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    I think this Google street view is very invasive. I really think they should get permission prior to posting peoples homes on their site. I know that thieves love Google street view because they can see which homes are vacation homes. Instructions at our home is if you see the google car coming to tell them to turn off the camera. I would have no problem stopping them and demanding that they not record our home.
  3. Tevin

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    I did this some time ago and the process did work. Be advised that it may take a week or two between the time you receive a confirmation email and when the image is removed. I heard that these removals eventually expire and you have to go back every once in a while and renew your request. However, I'm going on about two years now and haven't had to do that.

    Also, keep in mind that the image is not actually "removed". The location is remains searchable in the google system and the street view photo will still be there; they just blur out the part you object to. Anyone can see the surrounding areas and get a pretty good general idea of your environs even if the details are not visible.

    Lastly, you cannot edit out satellite images.

    To me, the whole deal is a half-measre. But oh well.

    Stay safe out there.

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  4. CATO

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    I did the same thing Tevin did as outlined by Scrapman about a year ago.

    One thing that seems to be different though, is that you now cannot get the Street View arrow to stop directly in front of my house. It will stop at the houses on either side, but, not directly in front. From the two neighboring houses, you cannot see any details in front of the house because it is blurred.

    I'm not sure if this is a glitch or on purpose. I know that I used to be able to stop in front of it and you could see the tags to my vehicle.
  5. VisuTrac

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    So having 10 foot tall shrubs at the street wasn't such a bad idea after all. ;)
  6. scrapman21009

    scrapman21009 Chupacabra Hunter

    I was just going to sit naked in my front yard the next time the street view car came by, but I decided against it.....

    who wants to see a front yard full of drooling women?;)
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  7. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    You would not be the first one to moon them. Lots of people have people are TRYING to get their little bit of fame. (There are websites devoted to odd google earth sightings. And most of them are doing more than just nude)
  8. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    We are lucky to not have a street view but I noticed that Google earth has up-dated their image. It was about 3 years old and they now have a new overhead view.
  9. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Google Earth updates every two or three years. How they decide to update, well, that is a mystery to me. You can step back in time using the slider at the bottom.
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  10. natshare

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    As overgrown as my front hedges/bushes are right now (which will be taken out this winter, once it's cold enough to NOT worry about wasp nests that may or may not be hidden within!), I'm pretty sure anyone with any sense would look at my house, then pass it, in lieu of a more favorable looking location. Once those bushes are out, more drought tolerant (but unwelcome visitor intolerant) cactus will be planted, at least in front of any windows, along with other drought tolerant plants (and, eventually, landscaping). Thanks to our ongoing drought, we cannot water outside (only God is allowed to do that, now), so out go the thirsty bushes and other plants. Two trees will be the only things that I'll end up keeping, at least in the front of the house.

    And really, isn't that what it all boils down to? While I admit that my overgrown bushes are probably not the most neighborhood friendly item I could have (hey, they make up for the neighbor's obnoxious dogs, right? ;) ), they do serve the purpose of "camouflaging" my house from any human predators, who might be looking for an easy score. Look prosperous, you might become a target. Look dangerous, you'll probably be a target too, only from "the MAN". Look a bit beat down, while still maintaining your competitive edge, and you become the predator, hiding in plain sight. [winkthumb]
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  11. NotSoSneaky

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    The best way to remove your house from Google's street view is to follow the instructions in the OP and when you get to the question: "Which element is wrong?" State their image of your home and or vehicle is a violation of your privacy and you do not give permission for them to use the offending image.

    As long as you are the owner (Ok, sending the message from said home) they will remove the image.

    Yes, they know if you are the owner. [OO]

    Worked for me on an unoccupied home we were selling.
    A couple weeks after the sale it was visible on street view again.[tongue]
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  12. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017

    All that can be seen from the road of my house is a large iron gate with no trespassing and dog warning signs...
  13. shaman

    shaman Monkey+

    PaxMentis: I think you have the better idea.

    Look, I don't mean to get in anyone's face, but if there is a problem with Google StreetView showing too much, then the problem is with what you got showing, not that people can see it. It needs to be put somewhere people can't see it, or something needs to be put up to hide it.

    I remember Grandpa. He grew up on a farm. He had come up in the world and was living on a nice street , but he never put his shades down. He said windows weren't for covering up. He said if the neighbors didn't want to see him naked, they should put their shades down.
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  14. -06

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    Good one Shaman. I "walk the dogs" a couple times a night in what ever I am sleeping in and show them how to "tinkle" outside-lol. We live 80 yds off the rural road and the drives are 100. Even if one gets the pics off/altered the gub's pics/location are still there. Just one more reason to have a good bug out location.
  15. shaman

    shaman Monkey+

    That reminds me: About 15 years ago, I had a neighbor that was deathly afraid of dogs. She lived two houses down and was a royal PITA. One day I had my shepherd, Barney, out in the front yard watching me do yard work. She came pounding down the street and told me that she hated dogs and wanted my dog put in the house. Barney and I just looked at her like she was a Martian.

    She then went on a rant about how some dog had peed on her petunias the other day as if I knew the dog and had something to do with it. It got worse and worse, and Barney finally went over to comfort her. He was a very empathetic dog, and could see she was in distress. That just sent her over the moon and she stood on the edge of the property shrieking at us both. Finally I had enough.

    "Listen lady." I said. " I'd keep your voice down and act politely if I were you. There's a big dog on this street bigger than my Barney and bigger than that chocolate Lab you seem to be going on about. He's big, and he's mean and he's vengeful, and if he gets a mind to, he's going to start peeing on your flowers, and I can guarantee you that when he means it, those flowers die and they never grow back."

    Our eyes met and she backed off and ran home. Her husband came down later and apologized. The next winter I really got her: I used my snowblower on her driveway and sidewalk, while she watched from the window. Handy Survial Tip: If you really want to piss someone off, do an unexpected favor. They moved out the next year.
  16. Legion489

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    Oh don't worry, the old folks home will be happy to come get them after they notice the poor dears are missing. Just be sure they don't add you to the crowd! In fact a crowd of old folks would probably keep Google from filming your place.
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  17. stg58

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    It took 24 messages for them to remove it six months back and in the process they blurred my neighbors house which is OK since it blurred part of my back yard:)
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