How to shave with a straight razor

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by CATO, Oct 7, 2012.

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    I have straight razor or two, used them for a bit and then realized how near impossible it was to keep them razor sharp, not to mention accustom myself to using them --so I bought a couple quality safety razors and a few million blades on the cheap. One is a quality Merkur safety razor, the other is a nice stainless razor for the bug out bag. I also have a fantastic, portable lather brush with a tube to keep it safe in the bag. I really like the double edged safety razor style of shaving. My skin had a hard time coping at first, but once I got used to it, no problems. I use some witch hazel or pure aloe vera gel as an aftershave. The blades are really cheap, too.

    Merkur double edge safety razor
    Derby Extra stainless double edged blades 100 count
    Lather brush set
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    I have about that same setup. I tried it for a while and just went back to the Gillette Fusion. If something happens, I'll have about 3,000 safety razors and a bunch of soap. I like the coconut shaving cream the best.

    BTW...did you notice that most of the blades are made in Pakistan?
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    I picked up an old Gillette Red Tip safety razor. I have been trying to cause an international incident. I alternate between razors made in Egypt and Israel. :rolleyes: I want to try a straight razor, but haven't been able to get my hands on a good one yet.
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    Is the straight in straight razor still pc? Lol. I want to get me a good one. Might go with that set as well. I like furry once in a while though sometimes I just need to shave.
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    Brokor, thats what I started using. Edge on each blade lasts me quite a while too!
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    I been shaving with a straight razor over the past few years. Don't even try unless you have a strop. It's as important as the steel. It's very intimate way of shaving and takes a good bit longer than a safety or modern razor. Also presents new challenges. The hardest part is under the nose. Anybody interested in a tutorial, I may even be able to post a short video or pics. If you can't stand a soup catcher and new shaving cartridges aren't available, this is the way to go. you can still get good straight razors on Ebay for under $10. Strops for maybe $20.
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