How To Spot A Troll

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    How to Identify and Defeat an Internet Troll - The Peorian

    How to Spot an Internet Troll in Just Five Comments

    Recognising and Dealing with Trolls

    I found some of this information useful, some not.

    My family dealt with a person in Nigeria trying to get money and the hilarious banner that followed. A person said we had lost a family
    member with 5 children in a car accident in Nigeria. They said they were our relatives. We said things like, "No one ever Liked Uncle Thomas in the first place", etc. My SIL just fell for one and lost her entire fortune. $300,000. She is 82 and now having to move in to her daughters home.
    Remember the Winkler woman that shot her (Preacher husband? It was because he would find out about the money scam she had involved herself in.
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    Avoid and do not feed trolls.
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    I do not care what the "Sob Story is" I have No interest in ANYTHING coming out of Africa, via the Internet...
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    And living in their mothers basement...
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    I'm surprised no one has thrown up a picture of a wheelbarrow.

    You monkeys are slacking today!
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    I thought it was your turn to drive..

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    Barrel of monkeys...barrow of orang-utans, pushed by a human....all primates.:D
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    In a stand, Sausage hunting!
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    LOL, so that's what HE looks like!!!
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