Resource How To Wire Your House For Solar Electricity 2018-07-18

A Brief Article On Wiring Your Home For Solar

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    Our house was 'on-grid' then we shifted it to solar-power. There was no change in the house wiring.
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    Fair enough. But, let's compare 12vdc to say 120vac. Lower voltage equals higher amperes to perform the same job. You would never be able to power something on 12DC, that you could using the same sized AC cable run for 120vac, at the same ampere draw. It won't happen.

    Lower voltage = higher amperes
    Higher voltage = lower amperes

    4000 watts at 12 VDC = 334 amperes
    4000 watts at 120 VAC = 34 amperes

    The only way to lower your ampere draw, is to run higher DC voltage for your solar powered system. If I may, what is the voltage of your battery bank?
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    It can be done as long as you use low watt DC bulbs/fixtures. Our house is wired like it would be for AC with 12g thhn wire but we use DC lighting fixtures that draw 3w each. Thhn 12g is good for 20 amps but I put them on 15 amp breakers 15 amps X 24v = 360 watts would let me run about 100 light fixtures. Most of the house is 4 fixtures per breaker just due to the way I ran the wiring, 1 light circuit per room, 2 for living room.

    I expect Sloth to chime in here anytime. :)
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