How to Write (PAW) Fiction

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    It's a hard road to being a writer of even a short story. To get a full-length book up and running to completion is another challenge entirely! For getting it into print is yet another obstacle too!

    There are those on here that have managed it, AA is one of course, he's buzzed out 3 books already and is writing a fourth now I believe.

    You can too!

    As I was putting the finishing touches to my Mountain Hold book I made a video guide so that you too can perhaps find it easier to get writing:

    For the extra PAW element you can tackle it from the different angles - what kind of disaster? How severe? What's the aftermath like?
    Weaponry knowledge and research is advised but not essential as long as you know the basics firearms. In my book I went above and beyond the norm, but as mine was set in the USA with feuding war-clans and so on it fitted quite nicely.

    PAW Fiction is a small fish in the writing world, but we can help make it that little bit bigger!

    Hopefully this will help.
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