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    Here is a question from a blog I read regarding silver investing. I know how I answered - the question is how would you answer? The question is below:

    In order not to bias any answers or set a tone, I edited the question slightly (removing the OP's response to his father) and will refrain from posting my answer. I am interested in what my fellow monkeys think.
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    My personal opinion is that most politicisians have diversified their potyfolios to include precious metals.... to what extent i cannot say...
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    The Dad's question is interesting, and one that I have framed for myself a couple times as in "What are the ones in the alleged know doing to minimize the impact on themselves?" (In different terms, what preps do they have in place?) I don't have a clue, other than thinking "they" are positioned to take advantage whether the CTs have it right or not. That position is completely obscure to me.
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    As far as the Monetary System goes, I am not so sure that "Most" of the "Financial Wizards" have the Prep'ers Mindset. Yep, there will be a few, that do, but look at the 1929 Crash, as a guide, here. MANY of those "SmartGuys" just jumped out windows, and lost EVERYTHING. A few, come thru in SPADES. It is like anything else. "10% of the people make 90% of the right choices" and the rest lose everything, that they invested. Your Prep's are your most VALUABLE ASSETS. Anything that you do NOT hold in your HANDS, will be gone in a "Puff of Smoke"... If you deal with your WORLD, in that way, You will KNOW what you have, and can work to HOLD those things CLOSE. WallStreet can't grow Food, and it also CAN'T eat, Paper, or Electronic "0's and 1's", or even Gold, Silver, or PMs.... ALWAYS, Remember THAT FACT....
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    Their wealth is in ..

    The smart one will have a well diversified portfolio.
    Holdings real estate, oil, water, PM's, foreign currency.

    If any of them are leveraged, when the dollar collapses they are screwed right along with the population in general.

    Real estate is a good thing to own if it's not a rental property or other where you are a landlord. Acreage will be a good thing.

    You got an oil well on your property or a huge underground storage tank that you took physical delivery of a contract of oil (42k gallons)

    Water in the form of rights , lake, aquafier that supplies you needs and those of a community.

    PM's are not an investment in my opinion but a hedge for economic uncertainty. sure there are time where one could make a killing in the PM market but as a hedge against inflation and the collapse of the currency in your region is the way I prefer to look at it.

    Foreign currencies, holding currencies of countries that don't tend to trend in the same direction as your own home countries currency and better yet, one that you might intend to visit/flee to if things get sticky where you are.
    Currently, I've been looking at the currencies of Canada and Switzerland as reasonable currencies. Swiss Francs because their currency has remained stable in the market over the years and Canada due to it being only an hour away. Again, their physical debt is much lower than ours, they are an exporting nation (lots of natural resources like wood,minerals,oil) and more likely to be better off if the USD gets pummeled in my novice opinion but mostly because they are right next door to me. I also like the Australian and New Zealand dollar as a hedge but the odds of me going there are very remote so it will not be a good fit for my investments.

    Preppers will/should have the above in quantities they feel fits their needs plus :
    A way to grow their food (proven gardening techniques, reliable composting techniques, and rich soil that they built up themselves, practice organic farming i.e. no chemical pesticides and no chemical fertilizers. In a shtf situation chemical crutches are not going to be available )

    Ability to Create Energy and distribute it (generator+fuel,wind turbine,solar panels,gen head on tractor tested for emergency situations)

    Save their foods (learned how to smoke,salt,dry and or can food for long term storage. and are practicing food storage currently)

    Protect themselves and friends and their preps (have weapons that they have practiced/trained and are proficient in operating and cleaning)

    Ability to Obtain safe drinking water (whether through a well, stream, lake, rain water capture, Large storage at location or municipal. And have tested their ideas for collecting,treating and distributing and conserving it in advance of any emergency event)

    Provide their own sanitation either actual or proven design with a plan to locate it away from your water source. think outhouse or pit latrine.

    Method to wash clothes and yourself. Galvanized wash tub ? Solar Shower, Improvised Solar Water heating technique notice how hot the garden hose left in the sun gets? Yep that might be the ticket to a nice hot shower and wouldn't that be nice. Look at a Scandinavian Sauna as another method for washing the body and refreshing soul (personal note, get a nice wood fired stove, nothing like a nice sauna on a friday night to start off the weekend).

    hand tools that can saw,drill,nail,screw without electricity?

    Bike,Trike or 4 wheel pedal powered vehicle for travelling longer distance in shorter time.

    wagon or light wheeled trailer/cart for pushing/pulling items purchased/bartered away from BOL

    supplies of building materials
    supplies of maintenance items for vehicles,appliances, tools, guns ...etc.

    I guess I went off the reservation and took the tangent beyond PM's Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled Monkey Bizness.
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