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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by enough, Dec 2, 2011.

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    I have three daughters, two dogs, and of course my lovely and talented wife in our house. We live in a reasonably safe neighborhood, in a modern, sturdy home. I was not of a defensive mind when we designed and built our house, unfortunately. I would have done things much, much different if given the chance today.

    Our bedroom is on the main floor, the dogs are with us. The kids all sleep upstairs. Between our room and stairs to the upper level is the front door to our house, as well as an open area that is open to ALL other potential access sites, save the basement.

    I have wrestled with the best way to defend my home if/when an intruder comes in. We have an alarm system that is always on from 10pm to 6am.

    We have a basic plan if the alarm goes off, or I yell out the command for action. The kids are okay at it. My wife, bless her, still does not react well. She wants to run to the kids, right through the "path" of an intruder. We have been working on the instinct for her to stay in the room. I only keep a full frame 9mm (15 rounds in the mag +1) in our bedroom, with a separate high output flashlight. The firearm is kept in a small push button lock box below my side of the bed. Yes, it does take me 15 extra seconds to retrieve it and the flashlight, I've timed it, and it has been tested a few time when our alarm was shorting out. :)

    When the alarm goes off, the kids know to go to one particular bedroom and hide in the closet. They lock two doors behind them, bedroom and closet. The doors are manufactured, but still solid wood. The locksets are still interior quality, no bolts. They know that the doors are not to be opened for anyone but Dad. My wife is instructed to lock me out of the bedroom when I go out. Again, only unlocking with my "specific" command. If i say it wrong, she doesn't open up.

    I am not comfortable with my home defense plan. I think its inadequate, but I don't know how to make it better. I have a suitable HD shotgun as a different resource. I don't have a simple way to improve the security of the rooms, other than better locksets. I don't have any way to improve the "flow" of traffic through the house.

    Considering things like safe zones, and penetration of rounds, and of course practicing the plan, I don't know how to make my home safer. Can you help me? I don't feel good about this.

    LE is at least 20 minutes away, so no help at all...
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    A number of things pop to mind, but I am left with insufficient data, so I have to ask some questions and make some observations.
    For fire or security, you need another egress point for your children upstairs as well as a rally point. A window up there needs to be an egress point for escape while the bad folks are trying to make entry to their fall back room. A rope ladder or large knotted rope with an interior anchor point needs to be installed. Also I would reinforce the upstairs door framing and trim and install deadbolts as a bare minimum. All members of the household need to be trained in use of firearms.
    How is your house constructed? Stick built, stick built with brick veneer, concrete block or real brick construction, or poured concrete?
    Windows and doors are the main weak point in most all construction. Most windows without metal security bars of some sort, are easily breached in a matter of seconds. Without metal security bars, a 2 or 3 prong attack thru windows would very quickly overwhelm you!
    In my new house under construction, all doors interior and exterior are steel doors and the cheap pine casings have been duplicated and replaced with fine grained maple hardwood. Their are deadbolts throughout. All door opening framework is reinforced with no less than triple 2X4 studs on each side as well as horizontal bracing to deny spread forcing of the door opening.
    I have a fema spec hurricane room in my house. It cannot be forced without explosives. You could build one in your basement. Mine is all concrete with poured solid rebar reinforced 12 inch walls and 8 inch rebar reinforced floor and ceiling.
    In your case, I would consider alternate access/egress from floor to floor, from 2nd floor/to your bedroom, and from your bedroom/to the basement. Reinforced trapdoor from floor to floor with eyebolts set into framing and a quick clip on knotted rope. Paranoid? Maybe, but prepared, you bet your butt, because you will be!
    I hope this gives you some ideas. Best of luck friend!
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    I would think about adding new locks for the bed room and counter sink some 4inch wood screws into the door face. Whith the situation of the house lay out the best is work on preventing entry, re-enforced door, security typ screen dooors with the decorative bars, a motion sensor on all sides of the house with the monitor in your room and family room (these are not to bad in price and very small not easy to see by would-be intruders), a couple cameras with a dual monitor one in bed room and one in family room( also reasonable in price) I also use door kick sticks the lock under the nob and has rubber foot plate that would work on front, back and bed room doors. Also consider a set of walkie-talkie's with ear peice for mom and daughter's that way if mom can hear them maybe the urge to run to them would be a little more controlable.
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    you rely to much on your home alarm....

    the reality is most home invasions are just that... you and your family maybe sitting in the living room watching TV when the doorbell rings... that's when things will happen very fast....

    There was a study done not long ago, the intent was to see if there had been any indications that a home invasion was imminent... you know things like poisoned dogs, phone calls where when you pick up they hang up... things like that...

    well it turns out in the vast majority of the time there are no early warnings... most often a victim is picked at random. it's rare the home invaders stay more than a few minutes... but as we've seen happening in Phoenix... kidnapping for a few thousand dollars has become pretty common...

    no sir... you rely too much on your alarm to keep your family safe... they wont come at you in the dark, they will just walk right up and ring the bell... knowing the slow police responce times they go for speed, in and out...
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    It does give me a lot of ideas, thank you. (y)
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    Don't forget the windows. They are the weakest point of all in most all of our houses. I hate burgler bars, but even as remote as I am located I am considering them if I come into some unexpected extra money down the road. Seriously, If I had to consider an assault on a structure, I would probably bypass the doors and hit floor level windows. [stirpot]
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    First Alert 40036x80 Apollo Designer Steel Security Door 36in x 80in

    You could get these on your doors, not a complete stopper, but it will slow them down and make a bunch of noise. I was able to get a good deal at home depot for my house.

    For your windows get some Security Window Film Security Window Film again wont stop them but will slow them up.
    Set up a comm with your neighbours for back up with lanes of designated fire.
    Out side of an alarm, guns and a plan I went with this :
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    I used like 30% window tint it acts just like the security film and also limits the visability from the outside in and in my opinion it looks good on my house the neighbors have all made comments on how nice it looks. Plus plant tome type of waist high thorny bush at the base of the window.
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    I agree, new locks are in order, as well as reinforcement of frames.

    I have motion lights, which the dogs react to... a little chime would be nice though , especially at the driveway. My lot layout definitely funnels anyone with the intent to steal, in that direction. Anyone with the intent to harm, not so much. The local whitetails cutting through the lawn will be a problem though. :)

    What really stands out here, is the idea of talkies for the wife and kids. I'll see what she thinks about that. I bet that would resolve a lot of the instinctual urge. I could even hardwire an intercom. I realize it has its drawbacks as well, but at least one fo the kids won't walk away with it to play.

    Thanks for the input. I appreciate. (y)
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    Flat out ... you are correct.

    I realize the police won't be of service. That was my first step. Taking a second step to do something about it has gotten me this far.

    The kids are used to seeing me with my holster on my belt around the house now. Its taken my wife a while, but she is getting there. Typically its concealed though, or at least mostly around the house. This was another big step for me. I have to admit, I hate the fact that my wife doesn't like to hug me if she knows I have a pistol on me....

    Thanks for the input and reinforcement of the facts.
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    I have two web sites that you should show your wife...
    the first is one I helped build several years ago

    the other belongs to a surprisingly powerful lobby and support group
    The National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. For the families and friends of those who have died by violence. (POMC)

    both of these web sites host hundreds of stories about regular people who were taken by surprise
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    Thanks Grandpa Dave, I will review and share them.

    I'm dealing with someone that is part PollyAnna, part Sheeple. She does see my concern though. It has an effect, but doesn't necessarily create buy-in. I'm not the most understanding of other people though and I struggle to understand the best way to bring about buy-in. I know I can't force it, but my soft approach simply isn't getting far enough.

    Thanks all.
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    You might pick up a couple used cell phones that can be set to walkie mode. For example, Motorola i355 units work well, ideal for short range comms, and you don't need to buy some sort of telephone plan to use them independent of the cell system. evil bay has them for very short money. BTPost can fill in the empty spots I leave.
  16. tacmotusn

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    Also note that, any cell phone, including the motorolas listed above which are availble for as cheap as $10 each, with a charged battery and a sim card, even though it has no service, can be used to call 911. Get them and make sure all your ladies know by heart their home address so they can give that info to the 911 dispatcher.
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    on your closet doors, where the kids hide, add top and bottom deadbolts
    on the inside, and show the kids to latch them when they lock themselves in
    you might also add vertical steel bar reinforcement to the doors themselves
    and drop bars for crossways if the doors fold
    just enuff so the door will bend instead of break when it gets kicked in
    if it gets hit hard
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    I see Ghrit and QS have already mentioned the SECURE Cellphone as a possible internal comms system. If that idea is of interest I would suggest that you read the Blog. An Interesting, SECURE, Comm's Device, for your CN-AoO - Survival Monkey Forums

    Then if you still have interest the check out the thread,
    If you still have any questions, I am available to help anyone with Communications questions, via PM, Skype, Flashchat, or eMail.
    I can tell you that this stuff will certainly to the Job for you, as InHouse Comms, and may well be useful for other Comm needs like Vacations, Outings, and Mall Trips... .... YMMV....
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    This is the situation I've geared my security towards as it seems to be the most common type of incident here locally.

    While I do have an alarm system, that is more of a "WAKE THE F*&) UP!!" system, than it is a security system.

    Standard procedure here consists of:
    #1 ALWAYS check the surveillance before answering the door even if you are expecting company or the pizza boy.

    #2 The family pitbull always accompanies you to the door.
    Let's face it, the dog is far quicker to respond to a threat than I can even dream of being at identifying a threat and firing a weapon.

    #3 Always answer the door armed. While the dog is faster, he can't take on a group and while he buys us time I need to be using lethal force.
    a) use common sense when answering the door. Don't stand in a manner that will allow you to be easily grabbed, knocked down, etc. I open it while standing to the side, similar to the manner LEO's use when knocking on a door.

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  20. beast

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    i answer my door from my corner, across the room, behind the woodstove
    you open it while i watch to see who you are
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