How Would You Handle The Brass Horde?

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    Ever heard of the Brass horde? I think the article did a super job of describing the brass hored. I am sure we all know one or two that fall into this category.

    This a a really good article that I thought was well worth the read.
    How Would You Handle The Brass Horde? WARNING Intense Content!

    By Ray Gano

    During the age of the Mongol Empire, the Mongol armies spread across Eastern Europe and Russia raping, pillaging and basically leaving whatever was left as a waste land. These invaders were come to be known as “The Golden Horde.”

    Fast forward today and we remember the LA Riots, New Orleans looting, I even experienced it myself during the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. During all the confusion and the aftermath instantly after the quake, masses started stealing from the shops who’s windows were broken and all within an arm’s reach. It got so bad that in some areas a “shoot to kill” order was issued. The earthquake struck at approximately 5:00PM, that night turned into hell on earth in some parts of the San Francisco bay area.

    The horde was released.

    In the prepper community we see ” the Golden Horde” as a loosely organized mass of urban refugees streaming out of the cities in search of food and shelter after a natural disaster or social / financial collapse. Like locus, this mindless mass could possibly overwhelm local defenses, “raping and pillaging” the country suburban area and stripping it of many of its resources while destroying everything in its path.

    Now this sounds bad and is a situation that would most likely take place in the movies, but in real life a situation like this does not happen… in most cases.

    But to be honest I am not worried about a mindless mass of people. These people are hungry and pretty much are acting on instinct. They are not going to be very well organized, and lack really any true leadership. Some may be armed, but not willing to really “take a bullet” when it comes down to the rubber meeting the road.

    Please follow the link for the rest of the article:
    How Would You Handle The Brass Horde? WARNING Intense Content! | Prophezine
  2. 3M-TA3

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    Strange, but before reading the article I had thought about some spiked liquor or some such. In reality the only way to deal with the Brass Hoard is to avoid encountering them until they have had a chance to die off. That or a well defended and organized self sufficient community.
  3. duane

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    I don't know how to handle it, problem is friends, neighbors, relatives, FEMA, the town police, and everyone else is going to be there to "share" the resources you are hoarding and in their eyes they have every right to take it. In New England, you will not be able to defend your resources and you will lose. Cache, grey man, hide in plain sight, don't know what will work.
  4. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    For some reason your link takes me to a Ray Gano site where there is a requirement to register and sign in to find and read anything. Sorry that ain't going to happen.
  5. oil pan 4

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    If you are just out side the big city yeah your are screwed.
  6. ghrit

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    Ray has a fertile mind, I'll give him that.
  7. Bandit99

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    Where I live, Northern Idaho, I am not too worried about the 'big city Brass Horde' because the closest 'big' city to me about 60 miles. But, let's get real, it doesn't take a 'big city' to compose a horde of hungry, desperate people. And, I truly doubt that any civilian organization could withstand a 'big city horde', doubtful even military could unless they had armor - I mean - tanks and/or APCs and could catch them at a bottleneck because there are not enough tanks to cover every route and road.

    And, what number does it take to compose a horde that is beyond one's capability to handle? Twenty? Fifty? A hundred? A military company is composed of approximately 100 members, a bit more when at combat strength, usually +25%. But, honestly, could one's defenses withstand 20 armed individuals? Mine could not so I would then say that 20 is a horde and one best try to avoid rather than defend.

    The key here is the maxim 'strength in numbers' so in a nasty SHTF scenario one should give thought and act immediately in approaching family members, friends, and trusted neighbors to compose a group defense otherwise your odds of survival goes way down. It's that simple. We all like to be individuals but sometimes it is better and necessary to be a team player.
  8. SB21

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    The Horde reminds me of the book " One Second After " ,,,similar situations after an EMP attack , the story line takes place over the extent of a year. Gives some pretty good scenarios , and things to think about.
    A few months back during one of those police involved shootings , racially charged protest/riots ,,,the media actually filmed and played this on TV,,,,,one of the leaders of that "Horde " ,, was actually telling everyone not to burn and loot their own neighborhoods,,,head out to the suburbs and take it out on the white folks.
    There is strength in numbers , so it would always be best to try and have some like minded folks in your AO to team up with. I'm probably 20+ miles out from the largest city , and 10 from the next. But being mostly a loner , I've got maybe 3 - 5 people to team up with. Being out in the country here , if things turned bad , we could pick up a few others in the area , and doing so , we could probably strategically take up a few good fields of fire , and keep them routed around our AO. As most city folks aren't going to be trying to stomp thru heavy brush trying to sneak up on something that they don't even know is there.
    But you do have some legitimate concerns in my opinion.
  9. Lancer

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    Interesting, but not something I haven't thought about. Do I have answers? I wish.
    I think the key would be, as others have noted, to avoid any contact. But if contact is inevitable, make it on my terms - not theirs. I've done what I can to tilt the odds, but no small group is invincible.
    I have made sure we are on a relatively isolated parcel, with natural barriers to any vehicle, and most people. Ravines, water barriers, heavy forest, and thorns/poison ivy a goat wouldn't touch. Working in the outskirts of the nearest cityscape I accept a PITA commute in return for being relatively remote. I have noticed something else about my cow-orkers as well though which gives me hope: city folk do not keep enough fuel in their vehicles to escape the city/burbs except on the day they fuel up. Running around with a quarter tank is normal - even for those with the monster off road vehicles. Most of which have never had a blade of grass touch the paint, let alone be covered with brush marks. So one assumption is that most horde-ites will probably be on foot: especially with the absolutely amazing traffic jams the roadways will become. That limits the resources they can drag along as well as their travel distance.
    We also have a long gravel drive with a bridge of sorts. It crosses a ten foot wide "ditch" that a hmmv can't cross. I know because the nephew buried my tractor in it one dry season. That bridge is just I-beams and planks - the tractor can pick it up on the front forks.
    But our real Oh_S*** plan is to pack up and get further out to the bro-in-laws place - roughly 30 miles on dirt or pasture tracks. A lot of our stuff is already there, and if the rest of the family can make it that give us a decent augmented squad. All the males, (and two of the women), hunt regularly, there's a couple vets. we've a decade worth of wood put back, and if we can all transport our stashes, about a years worth of food and other supplies.
  10. apache235

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    Gettin' too old for this shit, but I'm gonna try
  11. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Where can I get cyanide at?
    Steal my stuff, I will wack you with
  12. GrayGhost

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    I think they will be disorganized, looking for easy pickings. Too many other sheep to pillage to fight one group.

    "Stop, or I'll shoot!"

    "You only have 30 bullets in your magazine...there's 50 of us!"

    "Which one of you wants the first 30?"
  13. Zimmy

    Zimmy Wait, I'm not ready!

    A lot to consider in the original post.
  14. DKR

    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    In the aftermath of Katrina, the Govt types were the bigger threat.

    This is conjecture and the reality is contextual in nature. That is to say, area, size of the disaster and knowledge of aid being in route.

    The Rodney King riots are a good example of organized looters documented gangs of looters.
  15. Gator 45/70

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    Don't forget the Koreans !
  16. GrayGhost

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    I believe a few well placed/timed rounds will discourage the unorganized hordes.
  17. Altoidfishfins

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    They will thin themselves at least to some degree. Hopefully by the time the get to the outlying areas where our BOLs are, they'll be few in numbers and in no shape to wage war.
  18. ghrit

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    The problem with that thought process is that the ones that get to the outlying areas are apt to be the ones that will be more skilled in the art of creating "hate and discontent."
  19. BTPost

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    One Shot, one kill, at 500 Yds, ought to do the trick, if they even can get this far out...
  20. Asia-Off-Grid

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    I'm willing to die to protect my family and my place. The question is, are they willing to die to take it?

    Besides, if we are in a situation where there is no ROL, only complete chaos - hypothetically speaking, who would be around to even arrest someone for having claymore-like perimeter protection on their property?

    That type of defense tends to increase odds pretty quickly, in your favor.
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