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how'd he do that?

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Tango3, May 25, 2010.

  1. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    This just pure entertainment; didn't think any body would complain putting it here: Micro sculptures crafted in the eyes of needles

    The Eye Of The Needle
  2. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    That is actually pretty cool. He must have used some very fine tools and magnifying lense...and a steady hand.
  3. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    In the text: he "works between heartbeats"and doesn't breathe...I'm guessing those are carved rice grains.
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