how'd they do that?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Fun stuff!
    My son's doing some F/X on a film he shot for high's taking many many hours and a lot of techies to do it too!
    I was a stand-in as a bad guy!
    Go figure!
    Me as a "bad guy",...?
    I am so insulted!
    It was so realistic, and being filmed in the desert, that some "locals" called the PD and has us checked out!
    Cops had a helluva laugh when they saw what we were up to!
    (It was a movie short, as an ad for a non-existant movie about 'Merlin the magician'!)
    But, what the heck!
    I got to wear a big black flowing cape!
    (no fangs darn it!)
    My entire script: "Oh no you don't!"
    Wonder if I'll get credit, or at least paid?
    It was a speaking part! I mean after all.........!
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    "I was a stand-in as a bad guy!
    Go figure!"

    Stand in(?)Not bad enough for first string?
    Hey;You can always retire on the royalty checks...[boozingbuddies][beer]
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    Very cool!
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    I clicked another one of the same thing and it was anti gun advertisement and said something about Columbine !!!!!
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    Very cool! But you really have to watch it on the Phillips site!

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