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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by RVM45, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. RVM45

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    ....I just joined a few moments ago. I belong to a few foruns; and came here as a result of following a hyperlink. Sometimes you never know where such serendipitous journeys will take you. I used to do the same thing with the card catalog; thirty years ago in College. I guess card catalogs are an anachronism nowadays. Never mind; so am I.

    .....Love Guns- particularly handguns- particularly revolvers. I like knives and other cutting instruments. Like hunting; fishing; camping- its one of my regrets that I didn't do much more of all of them; back when I could get around so much better.

    .....One of my long-term dreams; is to get a small machine shop; and manufacturer's license; and make custom revolvers- along with a few other Gun types.

    .....I have two dogs: a Dogge De Bourdeaux- sort of a French Bull Mastiff- named "Horatio". He's small for his breed; and weighs just a bit over 100 pounds. Hermione is a Bloodhound. She's big for her breed; and weighs 150 pounds. The dude said that Bloodhounds didn't make good housepets; but she's usually good; when she's not being bad. She'll eat oranges and grapefruit; jalapeno peppers; and drink cola from a bowl. She ain't much on walkig on a leash; and she tends to hog the covers.

    .....RVM45 [clp]
  2. CRC

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    Welcome RVM, to The Monkey! :cool:

    Jump in...The Natives are Friendly....

    And by the way, how'd you know Serendipitous is one of my favorite words? laff
  3. sniper-66

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    Good to have you.
  4. ghrit

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    [welcomeLG] Bide a wee, 'tis comfy here.
  5. Tracy

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    Welcome to the Board!
  6. Blackjack

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    Welcome to the monkey!

    I'm a "revolver guy" myself, all my handguns (except a derringer) are revolvers... there are a few of us around here.

    And I'm familiar with the French Mastiff.... great dogs. You can see from my avatar I'm a dog lover (that's my son in the pic).

    Anyway, make yourself at home :)
  7. fritz_monroe

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    Hello and welcome. I also followed a link in a message on another forum to get here. I also have a great dog. She's half German Shepherd an half miscellaneous. Great dog.
  8. BuckBall

    BuckBall Woman Hater

    Gotta love those Mastiff's...welcome to the forum
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