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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by vja4Him, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. vja4Him

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    After watching a bunch of survival videos on YouTube, I decided it's time to get even more serious about emergency survival preparation ....
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    Welcome! We're practically neighbors (Reno area :^). It's always a good time to get serious about preps; "plan your work and work your plan", as the old saying goes, keeps you on-course. Not sure anyone feels "ready" in all areas as there's always more to do.

    It might see overwhelming, but regular study and practice goes a long way.
  3. vja4Him

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    I plan on bicycle camping at Caswell Memorial State Park pretty soon. I've been waiting for the cooler weather .... Only $5/night for bicycle campers! Should be around 23-24 miles each way, so not a bad ride.

    I just need to get myself a tent and sleeping bag, and I'm ready to roll .... I can do without a stove for only one or two nights easily. Hopefully next year I can afford to invest in a good bicycling camping stove ....

    I have lots of experience packing all four panniers on my bicycle, so I pretty much know what I can and cannot carry, and about how much weight I can handle.

    I need to get one of those one-wheel bicycle trailers, but I want one that will carry at least (if possible) around 60 pounds. That way I can still ride off road with the trailer.
  4. vja4Him

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    I've been thinking about what we would do if our electricity went out for a long time. We would have two refrigerators full of food (and both of the freezers), plus a small freezer packed.

    We would have to cook up all of the meat before it spoiled, and then what .... I've been looking into the possibility of salting the meat, to help preserve it, at least for a few weeks ...

    Not sure if you can salt hamburger to preserve it without being refrigerated though ....

    The weather where we live isn't that cold, so we can't store food outside, like you could in Alaska or Canada.
  5. vja4Him

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    Calaveras Big Trees ...

    Have you visited Calaveras Big Trees? My boys and I love to camp and hike there. The biggest and oldest trees in the world! Almost in our back yard .... !!!

    You can see some of the pictures I took when we were camping at Big Trees:

    Big Trees North Grove Trail

    Big Trees South Grove Trail
  6. NVBeav

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    I've gotta take the family down that way to see the Giant Sequoias! Caswell seems like a nice place to visit too. The weather there seem to lend itself to Winter camping on bicycles.

    Glad you're bringing up bicycles! They're not talked about here too much it seems, but they really need to have a place in our supplies as the economy slowly tanks.

    Off to sleep and then work!
  7. vja4Him

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    I never thought that I could have lived car free .... I had to start of slow, like riding maybe two or three miles each way. Now I can handle 10-12 miles each way. Just make sure and carry plenty of water!
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    belated welcome!
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