Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by tscgmg3, May 5, 2012.

  1. tscgmg3

    tscgmg3 Monkey

    Howdy to all and glad to be here and it looks to be a great site.
  2. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    Welcome to the Monkey Tree, even if you are from "Kommiefornia".... LOL Lots of good information here, for the taking, and join in the conversation....
  3. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Welcome to our community - glad you found us. I lived in Long Beach many years ago, beautiful area and I have happy memories
  4. Sapper John

    Sapper John Analog Monkey in a Digital World

    Welcome to the Monkey tree,We hope you have a long stay.
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