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    Howzit Everyone,

    I am a South African white male in my forties, with children. I am not a natural prepper, I don't worry about most potential SHTF scenarios, and don't spend much time fearing TEOTWAWKI; I am here because I have recently become convinced of the reasonable likelihood of one specific threat only, namely race-based civil insurrection in South Africa. I won't bore you with my reason, let it suffice to say that month-by-month our country seems to slip closer to a condition in which civil war might be instigated by the un-people (uneducated, unemployed, 'ungry, and unhappy) against those who are often made out to be the cause of our country's woes - i.e. whites. This is not race-based hatred, it is politics. White privilege is often quoted by our government. I didn't invent the pretext. End of story.

    For that reason, I am slowly learning about prepping, attempting to find the money to start prepping, and am saving up to do some survival courses, as the last ones I did were in the army.

    So, I'd like to meet like-minded South Africans here, if there are any, and perhaps forge a few friendships so that I am not quite so alone the day that we wake up to discover that 20,000,000 hungry people are fed up and want to dispose of me so that they can get to my larder.

    That's my story; is there anything else you'd like to know about me?

    Would like very much to hear from any-and-all South Africans.
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    Played rugby with a couple of south africans, good people, tough people. Good luck to you bro.
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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree -- deep knowledge and kind-civil people.
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    Welcome brother
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    I have neighbors from Guiana. Good folks, yet strange ways.
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    Welcome here!!
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    Welcome. The South African I knew was a hard working decent man. Taught me all about Rooibos tea and health benefits of it.
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