HRC is toast - SALVAGE options !?!?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Oltymer, Oct 24, 2016.

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    Short video - HOLY &^$#%$^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ghrit

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    Co 60, Cobalt 60, radioactive isotope, gives off highly energetic gamma. Very hazardous to handle.
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    Well...not sure what to say. I extremely liked what I was hearing and seeing until they got to the 'Salvage' portion of it. That's when it got so weird that I thought I was tuned in to the Science Fiction channel then I had another thought...
    I wonder if documents like this could be specifically produce in order to discredit the opposition. I mean, consider the fallout if someone would try to seriously state some of this on a national media, that individual and the entire group would be - well - ignored to put it politely, as super-paranoid whackos. This is one of the reason's people like Alex Jones lacks credibility because he jumps on all this whacky stuff with both feet.The document, from what we could seen appeared to be professional in appearance, but logos are easily obtained, yet it was written well, I wonder. That's all I can think about this...however...
    It would be interesting to see if one could find this Benenson Strategy Group and see if it truly exists and if it DOES then that would say there was a second possibility. That the document was indeed produced but it was obtained and severely editing was done on the 'Salvage' portion so that you have 75% telling the truth with 25% being whacked out nonsense which would, of course, nullify anything in the document as all the data would then be suspected. That's the only two scenarios that I can think of...and I hope it is the latter.
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    Of course. It's called propaganda.
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    This has a rather strong odor of fabricated Poop.
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    @Thunder5Ranch Do a Google Search on Benenson Strategy Group.... You will find this outfit, makes it's money doing JUST THAT...
    "fabricated Poop" for liberal Demoncrats....
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