HUGE News from Mountain House: Unprecedented Discounts in Sep.; Prices Not Seen in Decades!

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    See today's email.

    Late Friday afternoon, Mountain House sent an announcement to dealers that for the entire month of September, they are providing unprecedented discounts to dealers on all their #10-can varieties--yep, the prepper's dream: the ultimate 30-year shelf life food.

    Not only that, they are releasing dealers from all price controls for the entire month!

    This kind of move has NEVER taken place before for MH food. What it means is we are going to be offering prices not seen for MH food in decades ... and our members will also get the various significant incentives our current programs are providing you.

    Later this week, we will spell all that out for you. In the meantime, you might want to start to plan to top off your preps with the world's premier storage food and start basking in the peace of mind that only stacks of Mountain House food can deliver.

    Browse the 42 MH can varieties.
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    I have to share this post by"Homesteader" on a thread of ours at The Tree of Liberty ... (see the whole thread here: )

    "A couple of years ago, I was able to salvage 3 pick up truck loads of 30 year old food storage that someone was taking to the dump.

    "I brought it home to feed my chickens.

    "It was an interesting lesson. They had several brands of freeze dried, dehydrated and grains stored with nitrogen that they had bought in the 1970's.

    "The wheat was still good and I passed it on to a family for their food storage.

    "The survival seeds which said on the can that they were packed in nitrogen had been eaten by bugs IN THE CAN!!!

    "Some off brand freeze dried stuff was as black as coal and I had to throw away.

    "But ALL of the Mountain House stuff was good. The peas, green beans, corn, apples, pears, and plums were good enough that after opening a test can of each, I put in my food storage.

    "I use to think that Mountain House was a little expensive but after seeing how the quality held up -- I'm a believer."
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    For all the info on our Week 9 Freebies package, our free membership offer, $25 coupon codes, and the historic Mountain House Sale that launches late tonight, see our latest member email.
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