Huge tracts in Cascades for sale........

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    Huge tracts in Cascades for sale

The property includes views like this, of the Camas Meadow Nature Preserve.
    Photo: Realty Marketing Northwest / SL Looking for a little place in the mountains?
    Nearly 25,000 acres in Chelan and Kittitas counties will be auctioned next month.
    It is one of the largest offerings of private timberland and recreational property in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, according to Realty Marketing/Northwest, which is handling the auction.
    The property, now owned by Longview Timber, LLC, includes 21 tracts from 20 to 6,099 acres.
    There is 109 million board feet of timber. Prices start at $150 an acre. So bring your checkbook.
    Sealed bids in the auction are due July 18.

    Hey Melbo, This is in your Back Yard..... Isn't it?
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    Man, too bad it wasn't closer to where I live I would like to buy some land like that.
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