HugoChavez seizes food during famine.

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    Under orders from President Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan army and police have begun raiding privately owned warehouses for food. Tons of meat, rice, beans, coffee and sugar are being seized as well as powdered milk and other food stuffs. Chavez is accusing people of hoarding food at a time where inflation and scarcity are on the rise. Meanwhile, over 80,000 tons of food in government warehouses and stores have been found to be rotten. Hugo Chavez is again on the march, nationalizing businesses and industries, creating shortages and emergencies, to strangle Venezuela with his corrupt dictatorship.

    Private stores are being raided, and not only is food being confiscated, but Chavez’s agents are also seizing books and computers. He is trying to drive private grocery stores into bankruptcy, closing off the only access for many to acquire food. Government run stores offer little variety, or even stock. We’ve already seen shortages of milk two years ago. Ordinary staple items, like toilet paper and soap are hard to come by.
    Chavez blames it all on the wealthy elites. Food prices have soared some 40% in the past year. But it is more than apparent that the true cause of the inflation and shortages is Chavez and his Socialists followers. He has already seized control of nearly 30% of the food industry and is poised to take more control. Only supporters of his regime have access to many of the government run stores.
    Venezuela, a nation once rich in it’s agriculture, now imports nearly 70% of it’s food. Private farms and food businesses are being stomped upon by Chavez. His drive to turn the country into a Marxist haven will result in mass starvation. His propaganda machine continues to churn out the rhetoric, trying to convince those most impacted that Socialism is the solution. With parliamentary elections coming this September, we will see if the people will buy what Chavez is saying, or take the first steps in ousting his corrupt regime. How Hugo Chavez raids on private food supplies will effect the elections will be seen. Meanwhile, more government controlled food rots away in their warehouses.

    Hugo Chavez Raids Private Food Supplies While Government Stores Rot » Right Pundits
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    Maybe the people there should rise up against the government. Or, maybe the United Nations should do something with the help of all the Great Muslim Nations (without the USA). These wonderful religious people of peace should consider this crisis an opportunity not to be overlooked.
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    Yay for dictators..
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    Odd how we tend to focus on guns as the target of government confiscation.

    Always keep in mind that their goal is EVERYTHING. Including the bags of beans you have in your pantry.

    BTW, that is EXACTLY what my dad lived through in fascist Europe - so no surprise to me.
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    I hope Uncle Hugo has read up on history - these brutal dictators ALWAYS come to an equally brutal end - his time is fast coming I think.

    barry - take notes on THIS.........
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    We don't know all of the details -the US plays a vital role in destabilizing Venezuela, too.
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