Human abduction and mutilation

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    Most folks are familiar with the phenomenon of so called "cattle mutilation ; often attributed to Uf0's and E.T.'s . mutilation and photos are remarkably consistent carcass to carcass .

    What folks aren't usually aware of is there have been human mutilation cases found, the most "publicized" I know of was a 1994 case in south America, Autopsy reports have finally been released:
    caution the photgraphs are grisly, but consistent with "common" cattle mutilations.

    The Most Disturbing Case of Alien Abduction Ever

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    Warning: this article contains graphic images of a human mutilation
    This 1994 abduction case involves the most disturbing death of a single human being ever seen.
    The human was subject to a brutal mutilation. Yet the reality is that what happened to him is far more disturbing than brutality. This was systematic mutilation.
    Whoever they were. Had a level of stunning precision. They were specific about what body parts and internal organs they wanted. They removed the left eye, the left ear, the lips, the tongue, and the jaw bone.

    In the upper torso, two "drainage holes" were perfectly cut into the chest.
    And the entire rectum track had been cored out leaving a large gaping hole, similar to how an apple core remover will slice out the center leaving the outside fully intact.
    Further perplexing is the fact that there was no blood. It is clear that this systematic mutilation was executed with speed, precision, and powered by an advanced intelligence.
    And that is what makes this case so disturbing.
    If we are to assume that this abduction was carried out by an alien intelligence, then it is time to also revise our data regarding the conceivable specific intentions, moral perspectives and general agenda that some of our extraterrestrial visitors may have.
    E.t can be a mean little f'er when he doesn't have enough minutes left to "phone home!"

    Most disturbing is the conclusion:

    "INTERNAL EXAMINATION: ...after opening the cranial cavity using Griessinger technique we found: 17) unimpaired skullcap; 18) cerebral edema".
    In a case like this, the presence of cerebral edema without direct traumatic origin is a strong characteristic of an agonizing death. In confirmation, the autopsy CONCLUSION explicitly states as causa mortis (cause of the death):
    "...acute haemorhage in multiple traumatisms. There is a component of causa mortis by vagus stimulation" (implying cardio-respiratory arrest caused by extreme pain). "The victim shows injuries with vital reaction characteristics, i.e., there is the component "torture". The suggested modus operandi is: incisions in soft parts and natural orifices using sucking

    A giant grisly E.T."food processor" at work?
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    That is distrubing, to say the least.
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    Aliens. Cool.
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