Human Blood Type Compatibility Charts

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    +++ Please read this entire page! Update at bottom: There seems to be some debate pertaining the differences in package whole blood from a hostpital vs. human to human transfusions. +++

    Please consult with a medical professional before following any of this advice. We are merely passing the below as information that has been found or sent to us over the years.

    Blood is grouped into four types: A, B, AB, and O. Each type is also classified by an RH factor – either positive ( + ) or negative ( - ). When a blood transfusion is necessary, donor and patient blood must be compatible. If not, the patient’s body will react to the incompatible donor cells, leading to complications, maybe even death.

    Your ABO blood grouping and Rh factor are inherited from your parents. Check the chart below to see what percentage of the population shares your ABO grouping.

    Possible Blood Transfusion Combinations

    This from a reader

    I have to clarify your blood compatibility chart. Your data is correct is you are referring to packed red blood cell transfusions (typical in-hospital type). But is you are talking about person to person whole blood transfusions your chart is completely incorrect. As a hospital laboratory tech for 10 years I know what I am talking about. If you want correct information then I will be happy to supply that. But if you do not want to believe me (as on then I do hope that your readers do not attempt a person to person blood transfusion based on your recommendations.

    Here is the chart that was sent to me:

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    Take a screen grab . . . put it in a document . . . print it, copy it, memorize it . . . there are many different ways to get this information into hardcopy.

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    Try to print out as suggested and get a note back saying the publisher will not allow that.
    Did I hit the wrong button, Good info for the medical kit
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    Here are 3rd you can try.... I converted Cato's see if it works for you...These charts are based on red cell transfusions NOT WHOLE BLOOD DONOR TO DONOR.

    uploadfromtaptalk1430103204852. uploadfromtaptalk1430103209595.
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    Great thread. Useful info. Everyone should know their blood type.

    O neg.
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    AB+ Looks like I'm a taker and not a giver... thanks in advance, everybody!
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    @Georgia_Boy thanks for the Chinook link- lots of great stuff.
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    AB negative here. I donate blood because of it. Have needed blood before and my type is not easy to come across so I give when I can. Wow I did not know that AB neg was only 1% of the population, knew it was rare but not that rare.
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    Very Nice article indeed. Learning a lot from here. Keep up the good work guys. Cheers.
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    Knowing you blood type is very important so I bought some kits to test the kids. The lance really didn't make a big enough cut to get enough blood out. A needle was used to help get what we needed though one child is still unknown. The kits I got were from Amazon for $6. One son is definitely O neg. The other I would say is O neg but not positive.

    I saw this image of a soldier and realized, I may know my blood type but it is good practice to have your blood type listed somewhere in case you are unable to speak especially if SHTF or medical facilities are not readily available.

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    USAF used to have walking blood banks back in the 1950's and I was AB+ and as told I could receive from any one, but that for whole blood, they didn't have many AB+ registered. Was stationed at Lowry AFB in Denver. and there was an Army Hospital, Fitizimins as I remember, they treated Eisenhower one time so I guess it was good, and they always needed blood. We used to donate ever couple months or so. One time we were called in at 3 AM for a new born baby with a blood incompatibility problem that needed a complete blood change. It had only been a couple weeks since I had donated, but they took it anyway. About 6 weeks later, the baby's grandfather took us donors out to a steak dinner and we all got a chance to hold the healthy baby. There were very few dry eyes in the room. If you can donate, please do. People's lives do depend on it and it easy and nearly painless.
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    My meat tag tells me that I am A+
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    A+ here
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    Knowing your blood type is important, but be careful: my doctor told me that they routinely retest everyone the Army marks as "A+", since it's very easy to get the wrong result and mark someone as "A+" by accident. I wouldn't trust any do-it-at-home kit for testing blood unless I'd had special training on how to avoid mistakes.

    William Warren
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  19. Your physician will know your blood type if you have ever had any surgeries. You can also check with the hospital that you use, go see the ladies in medical records dept. They can pull your file for you.
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    A+ here, according to the Red Cross. When you donate they give you a card with your type and Rh (+-) factor.

    Guess it's good. I donated a couple years ago and they keep bugging me to donate more.
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