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    Staee with Spike end and bare end.  Spike is removeable..JPG

    Staff  Spike end and digger blade..JPG Staff Aluminum staff collapsed..JPG Staff Aluminum staff extended..JPG Staff Aluminum staff collapsed..JPG Staff Aluminum staff collapsed..JPG Staff  Spike end and digger blade..JPG Staee with Spike end and bare end.  Spike is removeable..JPG

    The first on walk about tools.

    Above are three types of staffs with some of the accesories, yes even staffs have those. Staff vneck upper and digger blade lower..JPG
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  2. Rabid

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    I think you may be on the right track but I personally would prefer a longer more slender blade on my walking stick. Maybe something like a Zulu spear.
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    Thoughts have aimed in that direction. Just as a weapon that you have in your hand at the time of need so to does the weight of that weapon count as to IF you carry it.

    A staff I cut last spring is about cured out and it rest in the shop. At this time it is over size but best to cut and cure it then trim to feel when the wood is needed.

    I leave/use the older staffs at gates to use when needed or just to hold a gate open. Rot sets in over about 18 months and they become shorter as they break.

    I have in my possiables bag a M1 Garand gas cylinder that I have looked at adding to the collaspable tube staff. This to be able to have a Bayonet on the belt or on the staff or in the hand as needed.

    A dedicated spear would be nice, the Masai Lion spear is a bit large, the Chigogo spear blade seems to be a bit stronger since it has a rib in the middle of the blade. The Zulu may be a bit weaker unless it weighs more, being thicker, than the Chigogo. Since part of my use is as a ground level slashing tools for snakes then strength of the blade, length and shape along with the attachment method and security is importantant.

    A stright blade is not as useful as is the leaf shaped models. Both have their use but so far I have not run into any Lions. The worst would be the Roman Pilum.
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  4. Rabid

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    I look at it more as a walking stick (including some light path clearing), defensive tool (either throwing or slashing) and hunting tool
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    Yes that is where the Chigogo style seems to come into it's own. Light weight and function for more than just a killing tool. I like the design.

    Note the butt of the spear shaft, Good for more than just one purpose.

    africabydesignimports_2246_31960076 africabydesignimports_2246_31841551
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  6. Bear

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    @HK_User This is an interesting thread.... here's a link to some Japanese hunter/gatherer knives
    Japanese traditional utilty knives
    scroll down to read the description on the Okuotani Tou or Fukuronagasa knife and how they are used... I really like the concept of a multi use quick on and off tool that can be used for cutting, digging, hammering and thrusting /pushing at high or low levels... a heavy duty take on the cold steel bushman which is much more affordable but pretty lightweight compared to the Okuotani tou
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  8. HK_User

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    Follows what I use at times. My best, can't break it, ugly knife, knife is a RIGID fixed blade. Sold for around $200 and still does used. EXCEPT I found mine in a junk knife box at a Pawn Shop. Blade was rusty, a bit of wood was rotted away and no sheath. Did a bit of haggling and walked out the door spending $12.25. To my surprise while using it the first time to cut foil backed sound insulation on a car it was still sharp enough to give me cut finger.

    Okuotani Tou or Fukuronagasa knife use is more in the real world that some may experience. A $1000 Damascus is not as good as a 20 dollar carbon steel mud cutter in true time of survival.

    I have way more knives than I need, but I enjoy their beauty in use, design and general apperance.

    May look into them.

    Thanks for the link.
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  9. kellory

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    @Bear, that would be why one of my "go too " tools is a brush hook. In many ways, it is more versatile than an ax, made for working in tight quarters, and very hard to break (though I am looking for a replacement handle, it's first repair in 10 years of service.) They are VERY good for trimming downed trees as well.
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    Just did the math on a Okuotani-Tou, @ $720 it is a bit steep. Nice size at 220mm/8.661391inches but 10 inches blade would be better for me.

    Funny that it is listed as a kitchen knfe, must be export rules.

    Too bad I did not know about them when I was climbing Mt Fuji.
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  11. Bear

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    @HK_User Yup... that is one heck of an expensive tool... they do a very extensive sharpening process on it and it is a laminated steel... (can you tell I looked into it and spoke with them :0) and yes it is basically as bomb proof a tool as you will ever find.... and the exchange rate doesn't help...
    I like shops that produce more than just custom knives for the knife market... IMHO... find a shop that produces tools for the kitchen and the garden for both the home and business... and has been around for a while with customers all over the world... and they probably have a good product you can depend on JMHO :0)

    Dude!!!!... you climbed Mount Fuji!!!!!!
  12. Bear

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    @kellory a brush hook is one heck of tool! the ones I've seen were solid and looked like you could run over them with a tractor and still not damage them! :0) I like that!
  13. HK_User

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    Yes, did it on the last day it was open to climb for amatures.

    In fact that was where I got my first Hiking Staff. As a know nothing tourist I made a few mistakes and learned a lot on that trip.

    1st, At the first "station" after I bought the staff I noted the charcoal Hibachi with some small brands hanging off the side. So I just sauntered over and branded my Staff. I did this at about three stations as the altitude changed. But, at yet another station a old guy ran out telling me I needed to pay! OH, now I see, a money maker for the mountain vendors. I graciously did so and now have a Staff with a "SUNRISE" brand. Spent the night up there in a low hut, sleeping cheek to cheek with about a hundred other people.

    To aid in my sleep I had carted up the mountain 2 literes of Kiren Beer. Boy did I have a head ache the next morning, and I only drank one. The other bottle I left under the blanket on top of the Tatumi Mat.

    Travel, the greates educator in the world.

    I still have the staff and will post a picture later. It now resides with another staff which one of my kids used on Mt Fuji., too bad the weather changed and they were called off the climb. Still we both have good memories of Fuji even if they are years apart and he will have both Staffs one of these days.
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  14. Bear

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    @HK_User AWESOME!.... would love to see the pics :0)
  15. HK_User

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    Fuji Sticks  Mount Fuji 1. Fuji Sticks Mt Fuji 2.JPG
  16. Illini Warrior

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    take an older hedge clippers apart ...... the older the better .... great heavy quality steel ..... makes a tremendous thrusting spear point after sharpening the existing blunt edge ..... tang is ready for insert into spear shaft .....
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  17. Witch Doctor 01

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    Well it's designed to stick in a shield/or person then be stepped on and bent makes it hard to use/move around....... different uses different needs....
  18. Byte

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    I've been trying to convince myself that I really can't live without a Samburu spear... Cold Steel actually makes one that looks pretty darn serviceable. And hey with all these dang big kitties running amok...well I just can't think of a reason not to own one! And their boar spear... Notice they already have a link to the spear/cougar story up on their site. Was it a Cold Steel boar spear the guy used?

  19. HK_User

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    As long as you understand the spear blades are stamped steel. And the Samburu is in three parts.
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