Hunting in the mountains

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    Two city boys Dave and John were going hunting in the mountains. So they stopped at the ranger station to get some maps. The ranger tells them if they get lost fire 3 quick rounds and wait for a hour and do it again.

    Well they get up there and get turned around and can't find their way back. So Dave shoots three times in the air. They sit around for a hour and no one shows up. So Dave shoots three more times in the air. They sit around for another hour and still no one shows up. Once again Dave shoots three more times in the air and then says to John "man I hope they show up soon". John trying to be brave says to Dave are you getting scared now that it's getting dark? Dave replies with no that was not my biggest concern. What I am worried about though is that we are about out of arrows!!!! [booze]

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    Not bad..... not bad at all :)
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    heh heh heh
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