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    KNIVES FOR HUNTING<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
    Many of us hunters of long have a love affair with the tool of a successful hunt; the knife.
    In our minds, we have this idea of the perfect knife that will fit our hand like a glove; that will perform surgery like a scalpel; that will not need to be sharpened ever, and will remove a cape as well as field dress and skin anything from a deer to a moose.

    In our search for the perfect blade, we accumulate many of them that are probably as good as the best knife ever made, but in our search for Nirvana we keep adding new blades and hoping to do enough hunting to test all of them on game.

    On the other hand, some hunters are not interested at all in the tool. My friend Frank that has probably field dressed at least fifty deer with the same Buck hunter knife in the last 20 years removes it from the pack once every year in hunting season to field dress a deer or two, and the blade goes back into the same pack to wait for next year’s job.
    Perhaps his father being a butcher has something to do with it. He was taught how to field dress a deer early in life, and to him it is just a necessary job that has to be performed. To others like me it is a culmination of all our efforts and should be done as elegantly and as clean and bloodless as possible and with the most effective of tools.

    I have found in my long search for the perfect blade that many of today’s knives in the market qualify as superb blades for the job. A good knife blade of 3 ½ to 4 inches will be plenty for most chores. Preferences in my case are for the drop-point blades, but I have had good service from clip points or other shapes.

    Some of us like a fancy wood or antler handle or perhaps some engraving on the blade. Those I label dress knives and are a great way to stir a conversation between fellow hunters. I am one with that type of taste and will always appear at camp with a fancy blade. The truth is that I perform all of my field dressings with a plain one that I keep hidden in my pack.

    Here is one of my fancy blades, the Browning model 122 one of one thousand, and the one that does the actual field dressing, a Buck 192 Vanguard.


    Best wishes
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    Very nice, that Browning. Personally, I don't have tools that won't work, for example wall hangers, but I do have some I don't use because of the potential for damage. Looks like we think alike, the Browning would work --
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    Nice, thanks for the pics.
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    Those are nice!.... Thanks for sharing![beer]
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    Watch maker im glad you made it, welcome aboard.
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    Nice. I have about 60 knives, many custom and some factory.
    My favorite utility knives are made by Fallkniven.
    The Odin is my every day carry.
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    IMHO Columbia River Knife & Tool makes an amazing folding knife (M16 Series) that has an instant-releasing blade and instant safety that literally makes the knife a fixed blade. Not a classy, upsale look....but a VERY cool and practical EDC. If you have not seen this knife before, it is worth a look!!
    Throws pretty well. Deploys instantly and effortlessly.
  8. Thank you for sharing useful information.Look at Buck knives, my preference is the Buck 110 folding lock blade, i have had it for over 25 years and it is a good all around knife for field dressing to all around general purpose. Hope that helps you some.

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    So that is pretty much SPAM right ?
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    Possible, but looks like the posts are dupes. Very old thread to resurrect.
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    I like spam sometimes ,I don't see a problem.
    I'm not much into name brand knives , especially those that are not actually made by the label name .
    I have a set of colt hatchet and knife , but dollars to doughnuts colt has only it's name on the product and had nothing to do with the manufacturer. There is a lot of that stuff out there.
    Buck on the other hand has been primarily a knife maker for a very long time it's what they do. Other companies breaking into the knife market are not bad, but IMO don't deserve the support those that have been making their living at it longest UNLESS their quality has been compromised .
    I bought a morakniv laminated blade and it has rust pitting in the blade I have never seen in any other metal except neglected steels left to the elements . I have old knives made from files that have not got this pitting .
    Getting an edge is one thing holding it is another , I don't use it for much as I have other knives to use .
    I bought it on the hype others shared over the name, but I'm not impressed.
    Far as I'm concerned it's a wall hanger/safe queen.
    As a mechanic I have 2 different types of tools at my disposal; high end Snap On, and expendable Harbor Freight . High ends tools are not chosen to modify generally , they are for work that is critical and tough .
    Cheaper tools are completely expendable and modifiable to fit extraordinary situation I may or may not ever need again. I've cut bent and fit and welded to work in very unusual situations many of us here are familiar with . The knife I carry all the time at home and in the shop is completely expendable ,not that I abuse it deliberately but if the need arises, and time is of the essence, the price of the tool is worth the investment.
    Carrying some other "treasured" knife, I would not have that advantage.
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