Hunting Public Land in Texas- Help!

Discussion in 'Turf and Surf Hunting and Fishing' started by jim2, Aug 7, 2014.

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    Looks like I've lost my lease, and will need to hunt the public lands that TPWL provides for we poor folk. Does anyone here hunt these areas? I need help locating something at least semi productive that isn't overrun with dangerous neophytes. maybe a motel within driving distance? Any help/advice appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear it. I do most of my hunting on private farms and my 9 acre wooded lot.
    Is there no way to approach local farmers for access? I know that method is old school and fading fast due to people willing to fork out big bucks for exclusive rights to hunt, but still pans out for me.
    With either happy customers who have farmland, or farmers willing to trade some labor for access, I don't recall ever having a dry spell where I had no access to private land.
    Lot's of folks get on Craig's list and such to ask for permission, but very few try boots on the ground, door to door.
    I would recommend some shoe leather, and an offer of labor. I have mended fences, stacked hay bales, cleaned out watering troughs, and picked up trash from the "last a-holes" who came though last year. A gift of venison goes down nicely after a successfully hunt as well. A bag of homemade jerkey has gotten me two years access in writing in minutes.
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    Plenty of areas around the state jim2. That said the better (more productive) ones are pretty crowded mostly on weekends. Also make sure you read and follow the rules. Have license,permit,and stamps if required. All this information plus maps are available on the state parks and wildlife sight. The wardens patrol the state lands aggressively although looks like they are down on the border this year. LOL
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