Hunting with a disability

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    The courage of folk to overcome disabilities to do the things they love, is truly awe inspiring. I'm impressed by the capabilities of all terrain wheelchairs to help people to get back out into the field and hunt.

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    Terrific post. Thanks!
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    @kellory You'll note that the disabilities featured in the blog article and YouTube clips are mobility issues, rather than intellectual, mental or visual disabilities. As far as I am concerned, so long as they can safely identify the target, identify reasonable hazards to other people's safety, are not intoxicated, are intellectually and mentally competent....then, more power to their exercise of their 2nd Amendment rights.
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    As I stated in my initial post, "I'm not talking about wheelchair hunters...." , but if you can't see, or understand fully what you do when you pull a trigger, you have no business doing so. There is no reset button.
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