Hunting with A-max bullets

Discussion in 'Turf and Surf Hunting and Fishing' started by TexasDoc, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. TexasDoc

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    Has anyone used the bullet for hunting, I have been reading on another site about the SST's for hunting and was wondering if anyone has used the A-max for like Deer or other thin skinned Animals.

    Other then the Story about a Dog getting it from a 30-06 that Poacher tells I haven't heard any others .

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    Doc I havent used them, But i used the Nosler Bal Tip which are about the same thing. and I have had great results.
  3. ghostrider

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    I've also used the NBT, really like it lower velocity loads like 7-30 Waters in a Contender, the bullet was soft enough to open up. I was thinking the A-Max was a thin target bullet jacket, though.
  4. TexasDoc

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    Thanks guys, According to hornady, the A-max is for Thin Skinned game and targets. But I have heard that they Blow up and just ruin lots of meat.

    the way Poacher stted it worked on a dog out of a 06 is that damn never cut him in half and as most know are Deer in Texas are called Doggy sized anyway.

    thanks for all the commits .

  5. Wild Trapper

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    Aren't the A-Max Hornady bullets supposed to be match bullets? That's what the book says it was designed for. Probably not the best hunting bullet for number of reasons. I've never used them, but do have some V-Max bullets for .223 even though I as of now do not own anything in that caliber. I use Sierra Match King bullets in .30 caliber. Never tried them for hunting either.
  6. TexasDoc

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    Hey wild trapper, that is what I was thinking also but according to Hornady their work great on Thin Skinned animals. if you look how they are put together, its the same as there SST but without the Cannelure.

    ok if you look at this page its a well built bullet with a Jacket that is as think as most others are ."A-max Bullets"

    here is the SST that is a Hunting bullet and as you can see its about the same type of constuction as the A-max is."Hornady SST Bullets"

  7. Wild Trapper

    Wild Trapper Pirate Biker

    TexasDoc, Thanks for the links. I only shoot at the range with .30 cal rifles, as we are not allowed the luxury of using rifles to hunt with for deer here in Ohio. However I do think the A-Max bullets would work much better for hunting than the Mil-Surp FMJ I usually shoot for fun & practice. I own a 6.5 rifle I have considered buying a box of the A-Max bullets and loading a few rounds for, just to see what they will do in it.
  8. poacher

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    The A-Max bullets are a solid performer. Doc for the deer in your area that you hunt they should be no problem. Just remember that like Hornady says no shot under 50 yrds. I'll go so far as to say no shot under 50 UNless you can hit a bone. If you are willing to loose a shoulder roast or go for that head shot then go for it. At longer ranges well I agree with ya. If they be at 100 or longer then I'd say drop em with the A-Max.
    As far as the dog goes., well the owner got the collar back.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  9. TexasDoc

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    Well now that was real nice that you returned his collar, How about tell everyone here how you woke up the house and killed the Dog in less then a second.

    Just stiring the pot abit.

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