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  1. LoganW

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    Hi - I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get over not being able to shoot an animal? I really want to hunt but everytime I try, I just cannot shoot the animal once I find it.

    Thanks a ton!!!!!

  2. Dont

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    In truth, you will kill it or you won't.. If really are serious about hunting, then it is your responsibility to make a clean shot. That has be done when you are calm. It has to done with purpose, and calculation. To take that animals life without causing undue suffering is the goal of a responsible hunter. Someone with a tender heart has a lot to come to terms with.. Look at it as, it would starve to death if you do not take it, however, not easy...
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  3. kellory

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    Simple, start with bears. You shoot to kill, or you will invite him to dinner.:eek:

    (If you have questions on hunting, feel free to contact me.);)
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  4. Dont

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    NOT grizzly's!!!! No fun having them come after you..
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  5. BTPost

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    When was the last Documented Brown Bear sighting, East of the Mississippi River? That leaves all that country to practice in, before moving west, and a 1: 100K chance of meeting up with a Brownie....
  6. Dont

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    Some folks get around some.. rue, they are not found back east. But, a couple folks from nevada found out that when you leave your normal hunting area, things may be different, as you well know @BTPost.
  7. Gator 45/70

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    You'll know when it's time to kill one.

    Right about the time your cold , wet, and hungry or your family is hungry.

    Shoot strait, Make a fast kill and learn how to clean and prepare the meat.
  8. Yard Dart

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    As @Gator 45/70 said, when you are hungry and have to provide for the family, you will have to do it or starve. Best to get over the issue now, learn the areas best to procure the game of your region, proper hunting skills, cleaning and preperation techniques- when you are not hard pressed to survive. That way you can learn the needed skills and have developed a store of the correct supplies to perform the task later on post-event.
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  9. Airtime

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    You might want to think about EXACTLY what is it that causes you pause. Is it thinking you'll have to retrieve it, clean and dress it, eat it, take it's life? Once you put your finger one what the bothersome element really is, then figure a way to ease your way into it. For example if fundamentally it's the dressing that gets in the way, then have a friend call you when he has something to dress and watch, then help a little, then help a lot then dress it for him while he watches. If it's the actual killing, find someone who butchers chickens or rabbits and go help, eventually performing a few kills. Good luck.

  10. kellory

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    And never believe that Bambi is real. Sound stupid, I know, but Disney was an anti-hunter, and he pushed that message in his films.
    Even deer can kill you. Pigs will eat you if you let them, there ARE Mountian Lions, running loose, in a few places (they have been caught on camera) and a few others out there, that will stalk you if the conditions are right. Wolves were reinterduced in Yellowstone, and are spreading, 'Yotes may hunt in packs, and of course bears in some places.
    You may be the head predator, but they may dispute that.
    And always make sure of your target. Never use a scope to look at anything you do not intend to shoot. That is what binos are for.(you would not want another hunter aiming a gun at you).
    Lots of YouTube videos on skinning, gutting, and butchering, and even more on where to aim for the best shot. Clean kills seldom go far, and poor shots can cover miles, so learn where to aim. It will save you a of extra work.
    Hope it helps. Questions?;)
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  11. LoganW

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    Wow I did not know that disney was anti hunting in fact I kinda want to know more about that, not many questions no, the reason is because I think about taking it's yeah.
  12. kellory

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    fox and the hound= hunter was a poacher, a fool, a liar, and a very poor shot.
    every time a hunter was portrayed by Disney, look at him for his character, he is always a poor excuse for a human being.
    Bambi= hundreds of indiscriminate shots for maybe what? 3 dead deer? always poor shooting, lots of it, and broken laws.

    Disney was a strange one. Disney had a mustache, yet no one who works for Disney can have any facial hair, even after Disney's death.
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  13. LoganW

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    wow I never really thought about that, good point though.
  14. ghrit

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    Also, dig into the archives and find the posts by Monkeyman that detail the methods of skinning and butchering. I'll have to do some digging myself, they are old threads. Start with a search on the site, subject butchering by monkeyman. He may still have some of the CDs that were made back then. These are not entertainment vids, they are teaching vids.
  15. Kingfish

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    Not everyone can kill an animal. I can because My dad started me out 10 years old with bb gun and said here shoot these damned red squirrels around the house. Theyw ere chewing holes in the old wood eves and storing pine nuts. They did a lot of damage. I cleaned out the squirrels then got my first .410 and rabbit hunted from then on. Got My first deer when I was 16 by myself. I got a 5 point this year. Spent two days in the woods and passed on three bucks to shoot that one. It gets a lot easier after you now what you are doing. Making a good clean shot is the most important part of hunting. I take deer with my rifles and this last one with a cross bow at 10 yards.

    Even harder then hunting is butchering livestock. I raise meat rabbits and it is a little more personal when you take a rabbit out of the pen(that you fed to fatten it for 16 weeks) and dispatch it, take its head off and bleed it out. I always try and be humane about it. Quick and painless. I love Rabbit Pie and nothing will make me stop raising them for food. Again it was my dad who broke me in right by having me help him when I was young. I accept my position at the top of the food chain.
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