Hurricane poses tough questions about future disasters

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ghostrider, Sep 7, 2005.

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    The responsibility lies with the state. For evacuation, response, coordinating help, requesting help. New Orleans has been such a disaster because of the mayor and governor.
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    This stuff is harder than people think - idiots like Harry Reid just want to complain and slam Bush. Here in Vegas they knew they had hundreds of NO people coming, and it's still mass confusion and no one knows what they're doing. A family showed up from NO in their own SUV - these people work and are self sufficient, they just need some help right now. But no, since they didn't show up poor and on a bus they were turned away! You give these people a job (lots of those here) and a place to stay and they'll take care of the rest.
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    Oh goodie, give the Fed more power and the military domestic authorities, I hope whoever is comeing up with that idea goes and studies the next huricane standing in the open and dies before they can do to much harm.
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