Hurricane Sandy: Federal Assistance .. should we bail people out too?

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    One has entered into a contract with your government, the other has not.
    "Earned" my @55.
    Rights aren't "earned" they're "taken" (not stolen).
    Demanded - not asked for.
    Inherited - not born.

    Tell me more of the American way of "Earning" your "Rights".
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    Earned was the correct term. The right to be an American, to be a Citizen of this country. It is the Immigration and naturalization process, of training people who have skills, knowledge, who meet the requirements (the minimum requirements) to become productive members of society.
    those who are born here have the rights from birth. Those less fortunate have to prove themselves first. Not all who apply are allowed. there are way too many people from everywhere else in the world, who want to become Americans.
    You want to demand our rights? try and take 'em! Perhaps this will help you understands this. there are two extra people in your house. One is a trusted neighbor, friend and fellow worker, the other is a burglar. One came through the front door with a handshake, and a smile. the other through a window, and will be removed by my shotgun.
    When you come from another country, you must EARN the right to be an American. Piers Morgan has not, He is a Brit living here. He has NO RIGHTS here, and needs to shut his ever flapping mouth. He has no Freedom of Speech. THAT is an American RIGHT that he has not earned, though he is using( and abusing) through courtesy. If he were to be Naturalized, He would gain the Right to bad mouth the country he would have just joined. And until then, he hasn't paid the ante to enter the game.
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    1. Naw..."naturalization process" - you could meme that as "reeducation camps". From your tone, I highly doubt that you know what your birth certificate IS and why Social Security numbers were created.

    2. Ok - I get that you don't want everybody who applies to be allowed in your back yard. I take exception to your thinking that "everyone from everywhere" wants to become an American. Part of the reasons other countries dislike Americans is this attitude that America is the only country worth living in, in the entire world. Something for you to think that many people who desperately want to become Americans are more attracted to the greed that your current system is based on than they are attracted to freedom and liberty that your foundation was created on. Do you get me? They come there thinking "If I make a few thousand American dollars I can lift my family back home our of poverty!" Many of them are more than willing to work harder than your lazy current generation that would rather click on a computer than spread manure on the field. You don't give the "illegals" who are "just trying to survive and working harder than most Americans" enough credit. Mexicans and Indians come to my area to work the blueberry fields for less than minimum wage, sleep in a tent on farm, dont speak a lick of english and go home when the season is done to live much better back home until the next year. I appreciate them...if it wasn't for them the price of my local produce would be 3x what it is. Maybe more.

    3/4. I desperately want u to keep your rights...particularly the 1'st and 2nd. I dont see a working illegal alien as a thief. If they are on welfare and getting free health care - ya I'd have a beef with that. I also disagree that you can take away PMs free speech just because he's not an American. I agree that he's a hoser and completely wrong but come on man...we live in the internet can't control an opinion any more than an idea thats time has come. You should blame CNN for airing him and look at who controls the media and why. "He's not an American, he's not allowed to speak!" wtf man? Give your head a shake.

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    Parasites is a good word for it. Unfortunately, it is the vast majority of immigrants and like anything rotten, it ruins the whole apple if even by appearance. I think a lot of the anger towards immigrants is misguided and I'm guilty of it too. We have a tendency to see immigrants who have all these businesses and we wonder how they got there right off the boat. Well, the gov't gives them all this cash to start a business (USPAAC for example) and trust me, that kind of cash is not available for the rest of us. On its face, the perception is that they just start to take over and THAT REALLY spikes peoples asses around here. But we all know what the agenda is for that. Additionally, the VAST VAST majority do NOT learn english and they DO NOT assimilate to our culture. They set up shop in the same area, speak their language and have their own country inside ours. EEEERRRNTT wrong.. if they want to do that, they can go right the fuck back where they came from. The idea is that when you come to America, you absolutely MUST blend in or you can quite honestly go back to where you came from. Unless you're teaching your children your home country language, I really don't want to hear it in public. Your culture is no longer the primary one so please don't bring it here and try to insert it in its entirety...just don't. Bits and pieces are cool and typically it's just the ones that add to and make interesting the rest of the combination of cultures that have added to the blend. Food for instance, is a great example of this. Religious stuff, not so much. Song and dance is a good example. Holiday or home town traditions, not so much. That sort of stuff should stay in the home and it will eventually blend out through the generations.

    Oh dear God... if you come here to lift your family back home, then just go back home. If you have no intention of bringing your entire family here, then your intention is to just leech off of us. Ugh...
    I used to live about 1 hour north of NYC by metro and when the NYC people started moving up, I COULD NOT WAIT to move out. Rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, impatient, entitled...just flat out not any way I was raised to treat another human. It got to the point where I just didn't know how to trust anyone anymore because of the way they would act. They were like animals half of the time. The demographic was also a key player here. Mostly it was the lower income people that moved up. The higher income people that moved out to "the country" or "upstate (LOL)" weren't as bad. They were still obnoxious and exuded a certain "me first" attitude.

    So when it comes to NYC, trust me, I get it and my BOTH of my parents grew up in that area (Brooklyn and Bronx). They were not anything like them but they did have a sense of skepticism of others, even back then, that was often moderated with a keen sense of what kind of person someone was.
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    No, my statement had nothing to do with backing a nation's currency in gold or silver. The point was when a nation has materials to sell or product to export, they get other nations currency. EG. OPEC, China, Japan etc. Russia receives "gas bucks" as they supply Germany and others with natural gas used for heating.

    I buy a pistol because it fits in my modest collection; it isn't "pretty rough." I even have some high capacity magazines which are collectible due to their rareness in the US by being banned from importation or ones brought back from DSI or DSII then sold.
    Another example would be Norinco MAKs which were banned from being imported. A few years after the ban, MAK 90s and 91s which were held in customs were released and we could buy them even though they had "evil" features under the first US AWB and were banned from future importation. Another would be the Egyptian Maadi, the Egyptians ignored the US made parts content so they were banned from being imported. Yet, they were found for sale (legally) afterwards. I collect firearms so knowing US law is required and as I said, Canada would not let me have my toys legally.

    Again, there isn't any fight tyranny about it, to me it is no different than collecting antique watches.

    0bama is lying about an AR in CT to further his political agenda. Was Canada's bans and regulations based on a similar situation or a lying liberal politician?

    As I see it every day and know who is subsidizing them with tax dollars; who could miss it? Same as all Americans, I am descended from legal immigrants who came here. Judging by Chinatown, Little Cuba, the Amish, the Baltic Nations areas of Detroit and other ethnic communities in the US, there isn't a requirement to embrace our ways totally just get a job, pay your own way and find a place in mainstream America. However, the illegals ignore that.
    It goes deeper than a mere paper which you seem to have missed.

    As they are part of a pack and dogs aren't religious, they react to what they sense in me. So, I must be careful "disliking" anything or they get aggressive towards whatever it is. I am also territorial about what I own and so are they. Mine would go ballistic when deer would browse close (20') from the house. As there are a lot of deer here, that quickly became a PITA. So I taught them to bark to tell us the deer are here; but don't go ballistic.
    Reading their pack leader is how the pack principle works; it is pretty simple to get.

    As the post looked terrible with the different fonts and text heights; I did some font futzing. Hopefully I guessed at a readable height. ;)
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    1. Interesting....and I learned something. I didn't know there were gov business loans for landed immigrants that where not available to natural born citizens. It's the same up here....regarding "blending in"....we got it worse than you do with our immigrants. In fact, many of my countrymen look to the US and think ya'll are doing it right because our perception is that your immigrants DO make the effort to embrace your culture, learn the language and be proud yankees. I can't take the bus to work without hearing someone yammering in another language...ever. There was some talk of allowing mandarin/cantoneese public schools in metro Vancouver just so that they wouldn't have to be bothered learning tax dollars at work. In Surrey many street signs are in Hindi. Heck you might not believe this but if your a Sihk, your kid can carry a dagger to class whereas a white boy cannot. If you wear a turban this somehow negates the law that states you must wear a helmet while driving a motorcycle. The mask wearing muslims even tried to make us bend so that their ladies could get their drivers license picture with the highjab on. Serious. We give in to their cultural demands way too much.... If you wanna see my mah flip out...have a conversation with her about the immigrants (mostly hindi) who line up at Christmas to receive "free charity" toys for kids that are intended for welfare families...she goes total snap show aboot it...they don't even celebrate xmas and are often driving new vehicles to the Salvation Army. I drink and play pool with old timers at the Legion sometimes and I get pretty worked up to think that a Refugee gets more gov assistance than a Veteran. So ya...I got my beefs too...

    2. New Yawkhurs. It took me awhile to adjust to delivering good tech support/customer service to them. Instead of "Thank you for choosing Verizon, how can I help?" it turned into "What's your problem? Heres how u fix it. Is it workin? Get off my phone." and I was ever amazed that this is exactly how they wanted to be treated. I don't miss working for Verizon....but now that I work for my ISP a number of my customers barely speak english so troubleshooting is sometimes a real off I guess.
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    1, Ah I get ya now. Up here you'd prolly be more annoyed by the "transport" rules for restricted weapons than anything else.
    Psure with a handgun, the only place u can shoot it is at the range. Must be in a locked box in your trunk, seperate from ammo and you must drive the most direct route from your home to the range. Stuff like that and ya - I'm sure there are many guns that you wouldn't be allowed to own compared to down there.

    2. Saddly, I can't blame the gov too much for our gun laws. The vast majority of my countrymen, particularly city folks are terrified of guns and very supportive of gun control. Feels wierd to say it but my gov has been pretty good about maintaining our right to own them....even if only for hunting and explicitly NOT for self defense. I was floored to see the gov abolish the long gun registry. Couple years back some city folks came out my way for a drive and saw some guys walking along the dyke with 12 gauges looking to do some duck hunting...they panic at the sight of a gun and call the cops. It's ridiculous. From what I hear it's starting to get that way down there with the minority who open carry. OMG A CITIZEN WITH A GUN ON HIS HIP! QUICK CALL THE AUTHWHOREITIES!!!

    3. b1tch better believe in Jesus cuz I expect her to be waitin for me at the pearly gates. Deer in your back yard? Pfft again.
    Check out mama bear and her cubs in my pear trees less then 50 meters from the house! (cam straightens out at 30 seconds in)

    The deer are pretty thick around here too but I'm more worried aboot spookin a bear so I train the dogs to watch for'em and make noise.

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    Again, you fail to understand. The more money leaving the country untaxed, the great danger to the Social security System. Those taxes are the funding for SS. Work performed with untaxed wages (under the table illegals) robs the system. ALL under the table wages rob the system. Add to the problem "anchor babies". Illegals here have a child, that child IS A CITIZEN, though his parents are not. However the parents can apply to stay as his guardians and jump the line on ALL the Immigrants who are following the rules, then because of their new status, their siblings, parents, other children, ect. get to jump the line as well. Also while here, illegals are crowding our schools, using our utilities, libraries, our hospitals, without cost to them. We are footing the bill, while they steal from us. A hospital here CAN NOT refuse to treat someone just because they have no money. The emergancy rooms of our hospitals are being used by illegals as office visits for sniffles, warts, loose teeth, anything but what they are designed for trauma!
    "* The Social Security Trustees Report states that the future finances of the program depend upon

    future birth rates, death rates, immigration, marriage and divorce rates, retirement-age patterns, disability incidence and termination rates, employment rates, productivity gains, wage increases, inflation, and many other demographic, economic, and program-specific factors.[126]

    * A primary cause of the projected Social Security deficits is that the number of workers paying taxes compared to the number of people receiving benefits has fallen and is projected to fall further:"

    As for Birth Certificates that is simple. Births and deaths, family records of all types were kept in family bibles for many, many years. I know( we have collected many of these bibles, and returned them to the families they used to belong to (as well as indenturement papers, and Freeman Papers for freed slaves), . Or if too expensive, we recorded the location and cost and contacted the families to see if they wanted them. (It is a hobby of my wife) We have returned more than 100 over the years, some of them quite old. Birth Certificates came out in the 1900's as a way of proving these old records and compiling them, to make sense. Prior to birth Certificates, the only real record keeping for people was held at churches, property records, legal agreements. bills of sale. Any record that was precious and needed to be preserved, was held by the church for safekeeping. So yes, I do know what a Birth certificate is and what it means.
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    "our perception is that your immigrants DO make the effort to embrace your culture, learn the language and be proud yankees. I can't take the bus to work without hearing someone yammering in another language...ever. There was some talk of allowing mandarin/cantoneese public schools in metro Vancouver just so that they wouldn't have to be bothered learning tax dollars at work." Our Immigrants mostly do. Our illegals don't bother. You want to hear several languages at once? Go to Traffic Court in LA California. they are overrun with illegals, gain legal Citizens every year looking for handouts and the beach, and none of them bother to learn the language, why bother when the state will provide translators at no cost (tax dollars at work) and will support them with wellfare, WIC. SS (did you know that alcoholism qualifies as a disability?) and free health care through our hospitals, and Government handouts of cheese, glasses, foodbanks, bread, ect? free bus passes, Free abortions, free Paternity testing, and free legal assistance to becoming a future Democrat? Add to that free rides to the polls to vote Democrat after they have your status filed, (that is assuming they are upwardly inclined from illegal to Citizen.) to keep the freebees coming. Illegals are NOT un-documented workers, They are lawbreaking parasites.
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    Guess we'll have to agree to disagree here....I don't think you should be paying income tax either.

    Is federal income tax legal? Where is the law? I guarantee no one can find it!!? - Yahoo! Answers
    Is federal income tax legal?

    Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

    For all of you who claim that the 16th amendment give the power to tax income - let me correct you.

    1. The supreme Court: the highest court in the land that cannot be appealed against said: "the 16th amendment give the government no new powers of taxation."

    2. The constitution also says that no direct unapportion tax may be levied against the people at any time. Federal income tax is a direct unapportioned tax.

    3. The 16th amendment never received enough votes from the states to be ratified, therefore it is not actually a legal amendment. This HAS been ruled on and decided by the supreme court.

    So, once again - show legal evidence that supports the income tax. Lower court decisions MUST legally fall in line with the supreme court, those that don't are acting illegally and don't count.
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    Um...again I guess we'll agree to disagree. Cool of you to return the really old ones to families though...

    Question: Why is my name printed in all capital letters on my bank card driver's licence?

    (and birth cert)
    OT Forum: Question: Why is my name printed in all capital letters on my bank card driver's licence?

    Capitus Dominius Maxima. When your name is in all caps it signifies that you are a corporation of the United States of America, not a natural born human being, and likewise void of any rights.

    More reading:
    Adopted from roman law there are 3 levels of Capitis Diminutio(Minima,Media,Maxima(minimum,medium, maximum respectively))

    Capitis Minima = minimal loss of rights (John Doe)
    Capitis Media = partial loss of rights (John DOE)
    Capitis Maxima = full loss of rights (JOHN DOE)

    It all starts at your birth when your parents fill out your REGISTRATION OF LIVE BIRTH. The parents choose a name for the child. The State or Province take that name and capitalize it. If the state or province is in debt, the name is entirely capitalized, if the state or province is not then just the last name is capitalized.

    The freeborn child is sold into slavery UNKNOWINGLY by its parents in exchange for benefits like child tax credit, welfare, free health care, school, etc

    Of course because of the Federal reserve since all money is loaned at interest all states and the country as a whole is always in debt and your name will always be capitalized.

    The freeborn child has the right to contract out of this when they turn the AGE of MAJORITY usually 18 but 14 in some countries
    The government gets you to voluntarily fill out a social security/social insurance form to get an EMPLOYEE number (working papers) for the IRS/CRA.
    You need this number to access benefits like unemployment insurance or student loans.
    You become an employee of the IMF/federal gov't which is slave to its lender. (National debt).
    All birth certificates are written on EXCHEQUECHER bank note paper owned by the CROWN. Even Americans. The corporation of the United States is registered at the Inner City of London England a Roman Enclave of the Vatican.
    Canada & Australia are registered on the United States Security & Exchange (SEC).

    You were born free, you are now a slave by choice. You gave up your birthright for a mess of pottage. You filled out all the forms & applications of your free will.

    So by signing any document that shows your name in full caps you are agreeing to represent the artificial person (JOHN DOE).

    The only paper you own that represents you with your god given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Plus all of you constitutional rights is your birth certificate. But only because when your 1 day old you cant sign away your rights.

    Check any drivers license, social security card, credit card bill, tax return, anything you can think of that has anything to do with government your name will be in FULL CAPS. You also had to sign these papers at some point to show you are willing to represent the artificial person

    Now knowing this information that i have verified you can also do so yourself its in pretty much any law book what do you think could be done to get us out of this mess?

    And ya...I wish Ron Paul was a Canadian.
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    The origin of the income tax on individuals is generally cited as the passage of the 16th Amendment, passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913; however, its history actually goes back even further. During the Civil War Congress passed the Revenue Act of 1861 which included a tax on personal incomes to help pay war expenses. The tax was repealed ten years later. However, in 1894 Congress enacted a flat rate Federal income tax, which was ruled unconstitutional the following year by the U.S. Supreme Court because it was a direct tax not apportioned according to the population of each state. The 16th amendment, ratified in 1913, removed this objection by allowing the Federal government to tax the income of individuals without regard to the population of each State. For additional information on taxation in the United States, see the section ontaxes on the web site of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.History of the US Income Tax (Business Reference Services, Library of Congress)
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    We have bear also. A visit to the trashcans is similar to a raccoons except they rip it apart. ;)

    Plus bobcats:
    "Bobcats occur frequently in the southern half of North America but are rarely aound in midwestern states. They are common in the mountains of the Carolinas and the coastal plain as far north as the Great Dismal Swamp. Larger populations occur in the mountains and coastal plain than in the piedmont."

    Western North Carolina Nature Center, Asheville, North Carolina > Animals > Mammals > Bobcat

    Plus feral and other artificially introduced hogs:
    "The feral hog, or swine, is a different story altogether. The species was first introduced into North Carolina as domestic animals from Europe with the first European settlers by 1600. These swine were generally allowed to range free until the early 1960s when most were kept in confinement. Eurasian wild boar were imported and released for hunting in western North Carolina in 1912. In the past 30 years, swine that resemble Eurasian wild boar as well as domestic pigs that have become feral have been released for hunting in various places in North Carolina and generally across the southeastern United States."

    N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission > News > Blogs > NCWRC Blog - Shedding Light on Night Hunting of Feral Hogs and Coyotes

    No wolves but there have been mountain lion sightings but so far no photographic proof.
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    Bobcats around here too but pretty rare...I've never seen one in all the time I been in the bush.
    Drives me nuts that city peeps move out here 1/2 way up the mountain in new million dollar homes but won't spend 20 bucks on a locking garbage can...grrr...our nature narcs kill bears that eat garbage claiming they can't be reintroduced into nature.

    Feral hogs? Meme - FREE RANGE BACON! Lock and load bro....get some. Prolly better eatin' than pinky rolling in crap.

    Wolves - gotta go north to see them and as pretty as they are - I'd sooner give them their space. Coyotes though...wish I could shoot'em in the back yard...they're everywhere and frequently try to bait my dog into joining their pack. Before the rottie/mastiff died she got ahold of one of the Alpha males and killed it...much to my dismay as the shots that came after cost me a bloody fortune.
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    Meh whatever - if you wanted to really dig into it - source some Freeman...i'm not gonna spend much time tryin to convince you.
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    I am not a Lawyer, and I'm not going to debate the finer points of law with you. What I am is a freeman, and a Citizen of the finest country on earth. You are welcome to your opinion, but you will not change mine. If my neighbors need help, they have but to ask, if I need help, I will ask for it in return. Good fences make good neighbors, and what is mine is mine. You want to take my property, or my Rights, you had better bring a gun, because I will be armed. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    Edmund Burke
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    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017're a slave. You prolly already seen this but here it is anyway...

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    Mainly because of the dog who sensed it then caused it to move quickly I caught a glimpse. We are on the back side of state lands so it is pretty much devoid of any sign of man. Not many walk all that deep into the woods.

    We see the same 500K to a million house on a road which is impassible after a spring rain. Typically they only use the houses during the summer. There are a lot of 1200-1600 sq ft log cabins also; same deal. As I don't know them and they don't live near us I don't know how they do with the critters.

    As once I went hunting for hogs, the meat has a different taste.

    One group had a domestic dog with them; the domestic tried to lure mine off to kill it. That ticked me off and we can shoot in the backyard. I borrowed a bud's AR with NVS; first time the bullet was the deflected by a branch. In two weeks time, I popped a few of them. However, all good things come to an end and the NV was returned which is why I want my own NV.
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