Hurricane Sandy: Federal Assistance .. should we bail people out too?

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    I've watched you video grinder, and I already knew of Sovereignty. essentially a kingdom of one. In the US but not OF the US. I am aware I could do it. I can even see why a monkey might want to declare himself sovereign to break with the outside world. But I know I will not. At the end of the day, your protection as sovereign is the same as mine; and that is the men on the ramparts. The military, as they do their job of protecting me and mine, protecting your sovereignty is just an incidental, because you're in the way. You derive benefit from the work of others, without compensation (no taxes) and I would put that closer to slavery. As I value our military, I do willingly pay their wages in the form of taxes, and I am grateful for the protection they supply.

    To those who have served, and to those who do serve, Ladies and Gentlemen, I salute you.
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    That's aboot the shiniest piece of hardware in our group of hunting buds collections...
    Cost the kid a bloody fortune...i bet they're cheap as hell stateside.
    He's a bit of an elitiest though...he also has some crazy pro fishin pole setup worth a couple grand.
    I'll stick to practical...not so much tactical.

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    Nice hunting rifle!

    My screen name is Finnish; Tikka means woodpecker. ;) Sako and Tikka make very accurate rifles.

    Sako is Suojeluskuntain Ase- ja Konepaja Oy, or Civil Guard Gun- and Machiningworks Ltd
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    Im not a Sov...but i looked into it. In Can, the Freeman are labeled domestic terrorists.
    Respect and drink with the old timers at the Legion here from time to time....only place I can get a decent game of pool and a good conversation about gold/silver. :) Not too keen on the current "Drone Warrior" military generation....seems kinda cowardly but I get not wanting to give the enemy a fair chance....war aint supposed to be a fair fight. Kinda makes me laugh to see u thinking that your taxes pay military salary....u probably think they're protecting your freedom by fighting muslims over prolly swallowed the Bush WMD lies...your prolly think that Barry got Osama last year.... See...most of my military buds are at least partially awake to the big scams and false flags....moreso than the cops're a "know it all" who's in a deep hypnosis sleep. S'ok man...I love my neighbors either way. Please get started building a fence on the North boarder....I don't want ya'll rushing up here looking for work when your economy collapses. If you're offended - good. Don't spit at me acting like i'm "deriving benefit from the work of others".
    It's ignorant.

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    I do not claim you ARE sovereign, only that you brought it up with the video, and I stated I will not do it, and why. And I spit at no one. But a "Sov" as you put it, in a protected country, is like taking refuge in a crowd when the shooting starts. It IS deriving benefit from the efforts of others. (BTW, my hunting partner is active duty, and a WMD guy, so I do have some idea of the truth.) But by all means believe what you like.
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    I view a Sov person as a Libertarian with big balls. Small gov is good gov and dont tread on me kinda thing.
    I prolly pay more in property taxes and insurance than you do in your butt I pay more in income tax for my "free" health care.
    Sorry if i'm crusty but calling me a leech is usually gonna get a harsh response. >-|
    Surprised you're not gonna tell me how much my country owes yours....
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    Big balls sums it up pretty well. I view it as scamming the system. I don't pay rent, I believe in property rights as well, and good fences. You don't like your healthcare?:p Change it! make a difference, start a movement. Or move. griping does nothing by itself.
    As for countries, I think we make better allies than enemies. :D
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    "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -Goethe

    Perhaps one of the greatest myths I have seen in the modern era concerning the United States, is that of taxes supporting or contributing to social programs. As Reagan's Grace Commission found, "all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services [that] taxpayers expect from their government."

    There's no such thing as, "my tax dollars pay for...(insert reason)"

    I am sure it makes some people feel proud to support their nation and contribute, but the bottom line is that the IRS is a privately owned corporation, it has no legitimate authority within these United States, and the Federal Reserve is also a private corporation, neither have ever been audited, and the concept of taxation on wages began with FDR and his communist ideals. The purpose is to create a single class of serfs by merging the middle and lower classes, leaving a powerful elite (corporate) class to rule them all.

    People are more willing to support, protect and defend a corrupt system if they (falsely) believe it is their own.
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    I find the bolded particularly interesting....
    If your income tax return forms included a section where YOU the TAXPAYER put a check mark in where you want your tax dollars to be spent I think it would change a lot of things.....similarly - I strongly feel that all G20 nations need to build a bridge between voting and paying taxes...the system MIGHT just start to be more real. For example...instead of having voting booths and quad-year campaigns....why not make it mandatory to fill out a "vote page" on your tax return EVERY year. Not that i'm big on "mandatory" anything...but I think when you look at how your tax dollars are spent and are given options on how it is might feel more confidence in government. Secret trade agreements and "executive orders" to bypass public will need to be resisted...abolished...etc.

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    I am constantly on the look out for ways to reduce my taxable income but maintain my standard of living.
    It would be great If i could just live off my hard work around the farm and make enough to pay county taxes and nada to the feds. Oh to dream the dream.
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