Hydrogen House Project

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by RightHand, Sep 20, 2015.

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    No relation to the "Methane House Project"? ...(no?)
    Jus' sayin' "Hello" Right-Hand... (happy Sunday)
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    Nice toy, but out of my price range. $170 for a cell phone charger and about $25 for a hydrogen cartridge, comes with 2 cartridges. My budget let me buy a Harbor freight 45 watt solar system on sale for $139, panels, controller, 2 12 v floresent bulbs and cables. Got a tractor supply deep charge battery for $100. It has served me well for 3 years. Don't use ac in my greenhouse, 12 v led's backup lights, 12 v inflation fan, use 12 v charger set up for autos for power tools, and use it to keep my tractor and lawn mower batteries charged in the winter. Have it mounted on a 2 wheel cart and just wheel it out in the spring for the summer and wheel it in and out during the winter. Have thought about getting a 12 v car charger for my portable radios but haven't got around to it yet. Don't trust cheap inverters for electroncs, use good ones and a couple 200 watt panels for the house. Personal opinion is that the 45 watt ones are close to junk, but you can charge a lot of stuff and get your feet wet for about half the cost of one of the 10 watt fancy folding systems. YMMV
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    I Have found that H2SO4 and C + KNO3 + S are not a good combination in the presence of an ignition source. Never attempt to light farts in your reloading room! :eek:

    But seriously folks....photo-voltaic solar cells were prohibitively expensive when first brought to the commercial market, but have lowered in price considerably over the years. The same may be true of hydrogen cell technology. Hydrogen cell technology may be the answer to the peak oil dilemma facing civilisation as we presently know it. Otherwise it's back to the Stanley Steam Car.

    Via: Steam car - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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