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    Been doing some "doomer" reading following links here referring to "hyperinflation"afteera monetarycollapse. I alway figured once I go tthe housepaid off (year or so)., I would always have a home come hell, blue helmets or high water, now I read something where hyperinflation(2100%!!) will evaporate savings and of course of also affect taxes to the point you are in perpetual jeopardy of loosing your property to the gov[dunno]??? How do you stop that? Rule.303???[wannamesswitme][sawgunner]
    I.E. your taxes go from $2,400 /yr to $24,000/yr and your savings and investments dissappear?
  2. Nomad 2nd

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    PM's stashed to pay property taxes...

    (Convert to FRN's the day you pay them)
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    ahhh ok..
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    The native Americans thought they owned North America but we pushed them to the back of the lot and gave them casinos to make up the difference. Now Tonto drives a caddy but still lives in .gov subsidized housing on a fricking reservation and tell me what the odds are of them staying there if somebody finds oil in their back yard? Whats gonna happen to the teepee when .gov decides to put a highway through the smoking rack? The mortgage is just a peace-keeping panacea designed to keep us employed making payments until we are too old to resist. Even then, property taxes will bite into our retirement to insure that we can't afford to let things at home be unattended for long enough to cause trouble.
    We work our entire useful lives at earning money that has no value other than payment for things that they take away from us if we don't keep the taxes paid. Our taxes are only to keep us to busy to notice that we have no value other than feeding the machine. The machine produces nothing. It has no purpose other than keeping people busy. Think ants here for a minute..don't think bees...at least they produce something of worth.
  5. Tango3

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    Dang fooled again!!!
    Was Thinking about securing some cash in pm from the above suggestion then I remembered the unfortunate "liberty dollar" holders who lost every cent with the stroke of a judges' pen on that warrant..the game my friend is fixed.
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    THAT is exactly WHY you hold your PMs personally where YOU control them. You can assume that ANY metals stored for you by somebody else are more subject to theft than the ones you can keep an eye on....

    As my ole buddy Ponce would say : "If you don't hold it, you don't own it".

    The property tax scenerio is EXACTLY what lead me to silver and gold in the first place.....I figured if I had enough of it put away to take care of several years of property taxes, assuming it hyperinflated in FRN terms with the FRN, then I'd be OK.

    At SOME point, the govt is not going to be able to take all the property that has back taxes owed on it because there will simply be no market for the property, if things get that bad. This won't be like the 30's where only a portion lost the farm......now, we'd be talking MILLIONS of people that would lose their houses to this.....anarchy would follow shortly.

    Plus you have to consider that "the govt" consists of lots of govt weenies that would ALSO be in the same boat......

    IF this thing goes like I think, property taxes are going to be the LEAST of your worries.
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