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"I’m Not In The Position To Right Now- in 3 Parts, by D.D.”

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by john316, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. john316

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    some upbeat articles on WHY prepping, hunting….

    Until When we get to the state of 1 person per 10 sq miles

    “………...Bring up disaster preparedness and you’ll get a variety of reactions, everything from concern to amusement. Awhile after you start this discussion you’ll usually receive a comment like “I’m coming to your house.” This last declaration being an entirely different issue in and of itself, it’s a statement to the effect of “I don’t have to do anything because you’re doing it all for me. I will continue on my merry life while you make the sacrifices necessary to save me if anything goes wrong. You save, you train, and you go without. We’re friends, and I’m special.”

    Here are some common stated problems followed by their causes or meanings:…………...

    “I’m not in a position to right now” is a foolish statement and an excuse.

    “I have someone who will take care of me.”

    “My son/brother/mother/uncle/neighbor has a farm, and we’ll go there. We’ll be fine.”

    “I’ll go to my brother’s house”,

    “My brother has a farm! We’ll have plenty of food.” When I hear this I ask, “What kind of farm?”.

    “Well, my brother has 30 acres!”

    How many extra tools do you think are on a farm?

    “I’m a military trained battlefield medic/paramedic/emergency room surgeon, and I have extensive experience in natural home remedies, holistic healing, and maternal medicine! I would be an asset to anyone!

    “I Will Learn When I Get There”

    Of course you were the only one with this brilliant idea of running to your brother’s house.

    “My brother knows how to hunt!”

    I live in Florida, so let me give you the numbers for my state. There are approximately 20,271,272 people in the state of Florida. If half of one percent of the people in Florida survived a major catastrophe (that’s a death rate of 99.5%), there would be 101,356 people left or 1.5 people per square mile! Doing some research on primitive living, I read that it takes about 10 square miles for a single person to live off the land with hunting and foraging. This is to not deplete the land of animals and plants in a non-recoverable way. With 1.5 people per square mile left, not all of which is food producing (cities), you will have almost 6.5 times the number of people per square mile. That many people will blow through every squirrel, deer, chipmunk, and sparrow they can get their hands on. That many people cannot be environmentally conscious and still eat. You are looking at the eradication of species. That many people survive in such a small space because of modern trucking and shipping. Tons of food is brought in every single day. Remember that is 0.5% still around if everyone else just suddenly dropped dead. Those numbers don’t include the damage that will be done getting down to that final number; when the emergency starts, the population will be at its maximum.”
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    I have had family members tell me if anything happens they are coming to my house, and I told them you most likely want make it and if I have to bug out I want be there and my supplies want either I have told them time after time you need a plan and I want have enough to help them, I have asked them over and over to come to the house and lets plan this out and be ready when it comes time but no one has made not a step to talk to me. I'm not going to do all the work and them live on my hard work and not bring something to the table. I hate to be that way but I have warned them and they think it is a joke. this country is going down hill and our government is hurting us they want us to fall I hope I can get out before it is to bad.
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    In the past, true hunter gathers required large area of land to live on. The exceptions were based on harvesting either the sea or waters. Population density was much higher there. Going to an agricultural and herding base allowed the population to multiply to many times the hunter gather level, but the population was concentrated in the areas where the food was raised. Changing to a diet based on rice, corn, wheat, barley, etc allowed for the development of the modern city and state. Transportation changes, along with processing, refrigeration, etc has allowed apples from New Zealand and they are now cheaper than local apples in New Hampshire and our orchards are rapidly being replaced by 3000 sq ft houses for 2 or 3 people located on 5 acres. With any failure of transportation, or the ability to pay for the food, even after a year or so of drastic change, the state could probably only support 5 or so % of the present population. Don't look good and just storing 1 years long term storage food isn't going to help if you aren't prepared to grow your own. You will just stare to death a year later than most of the golden horde.
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    I hear the same thing all the time, I always tell them they are welcome at my place, but remind them they probably will never make it here and most likely will perish on the road during the attempt. Just a way to try and make them realize the futility of harboring such ideas and that they need to prepare in their own way where they are presently located.

    If anybody does make it through, there is plenty of backbreaking work to share, and I tell them upfront that their lot in life will be one of constant toil to feed the gnawing hunger in their bellies.
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    A lot of the young people in my family doesn't know how to grow their own food much less can it or dry it and don't care to learn i can't even get them to go hunting with me they will wait on the women to take care of them i guess not all are bad my nephew seen me using flint and steel one time he said why not use a lighter i asked him do you have one he said no I told him he should learn to start one with out a lighter he said no i will go to the store and get a lighter i said ok take off well i got my fire going and he was still watching me, I thought you were going to the store he said i need some money.lol
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    Old saying was give a man a fish, he will eat today, teach a man how to fish and he will eat forever. Now it is give a man a fish every day and he will depend on it and vote democrat and scream on how the 1 % is trying to steal his fish.. My dad used to call them pen fed pheasants. The sportsman club raised them and released them for hunting on their land, Might as well shoot them as they had no survival skills and had not been taught how to live in the wild and could not survive the winter. Most of the modern generation falls into that class and if TSHTF will be madly looking for the app on their I Phone that tells them how to survive and be demanding that someone take care of them. We all know that "work" isn't something that they wish to do.
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