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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by WestPointMAG, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. WestPointMAG

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    J.C. Higgin's model 20 12 Ga
    Sears. Roebuck and Co.
    Sr# XXX.53
    4+1 with a magazine cut off switch.
    guns 001. guns 002.
  3. kckndrgn

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    Hey, I just got one of those too!!! Though mine has a different end on the barrel, it looks like a flash hider/suppressor type thing that the different chokes screw into.

    Other than that, it's identical to yours. I'll try to post a picture or two later this week.
  4. WestPointMAG

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    So fare I like it, I have yet to shoot it but I like it. One thing I can say about it is smooth and the trigger is perfect.
    I needed a shotgun that was defendable in a court of law. If someone broke into my house and I shot him/her I did not have any thing that could not be called an evil black weapon.

    “Ladies and gentleman of the jury. This is the assault weapon that the defendant used to murder this lady’s husband, the father of her children. The only purpose a weapon like this serves is to kill people, you can not even use it for hunting. The defendant set out from the beginning to kill another human being, that is the only reason he would own a deadly assault weapon. Ladies and gentleman of the jury you must find the defendant guilty of all charges.” The judge will have suppressed the fact that the children have four deferent fathers, the man was breaking into my house, he was armed with a sawed off shotgun, that he shot me before I shot him, he was high on drugs and was set free after robbing and killing a elderly man and woman a weak before because the judge that issued the warrant to arrest him forgot to dot an i.

    So I bought an old beat up, off brand, that only holds four rounds in the tube and has a wood stock to defend my house with.

    Here are my other shot guns when you see them you will know what I talking about. Click on the little photos to go to big photos.

  5. kckndrgn

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    Fortunately, here in TN, we have the castle doctrine law. If someone breaks into my home, there is the presumption they are there to do me, or my family, harm and that they have the ability. I can shoot them with any of my weapons, and as long as I am not committing any kind of crime while in my home (drug dealing, possession, etc.) I cannot be taken to civil court or charged with anything for the shooting. So it will not matter what gun I use.

    And yes, I have one of those "evil black" shotguns along with my "evil assault rifle" AR-15. I think somewhere on this forum is a picture of my SG. It has a collapsible stock, surefire forend, sidesaddle and electronic sight.
  6. WestPointMAG

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    We have the castle law here in IN. also but I do not trust them to
  7. kckndrgn

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    I hear ya, but "un"fortunately ours has been tested a couple of times already and all has worked out for the homeowner.
  8. WestPointMAG

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    What about the photo. Anticipation he’s making me wait.
  9. ghrit

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    Just might be a Cutts Compensator, eh, wot? [coffee2]
  10. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Probably just a poly-choke; have an old Stevens bolt-action 12 ga. with one on it somewhere around here.
  11. kckndrgn

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    Sry, been workin' too many hours lately. I'll see what I can do tonight, if it's not tonight it won't be until Thursday.

    My choke tubes don't look nuttin' like that one above.
    I've googled it before and found a pretty good pic, now nothin' turns up. Here's a B&W photo of what it looks like:
  12. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Yea, that's kinda the deluxe model poly-choke but basically the same thing where you can select the choke by turning the setting tighter.
  13. kckndrgn

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    Here's a close up of the working end of the SG. The surface rust was there when I picked up the SG. I'm gonna have to get the entire thing reblued at some point :( The lettering on the end says "Power Pac"



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