I always loved this commercial...

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  1. UncleMorgan

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    The Teflon Don didn't like it, so it got pulled. But I bet everyone who saw it still remembers

    Sometimes show biz really is like that.
  2. 3M-TA3

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    YouTube just tmade me watch a commercial so I could watch a commercial...
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  3. Sgt Nambu

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    That's weird, it went right into the '69 Spicy Meatball commercial for me! No other ad!

    Great old ad! I do, indeed, remember it!
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  4. Motomom34

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    I never saw that commercial but I can still sign the jingle.....
    pop pop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is......
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  5. Idahoser

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  6. Speaking of commercials. Does anyone remember a Jeno's pizza roll commercial were a busboy is pushing a chalkboard around a party with "show me your Jeno's pizza rolls written on it? While this is happening the William Tell overture is playing in the background. A kind-a slimy Herb Tarlek salesman type comes up and taps the busboy on the shoulder with a pack of cigarettes,( which brand used the same music) and says "I'd like to talk to you about the music you're using". Then off screen we hear a deep baritone voice say "That's strange I've been meaning to talk to you about the same thing." Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels in full costume as the Lone Ranger and Tonto are standing in the door. ROTHF funny. About died first time I saw it.
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  7. Dunerunner

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    This one.... ?

  8. M118LR

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    I'll toss in a little drift, seeing as how the G-Kids needed to leave Florida and "GO TO SCHOOL" . We watched a little vintage "Woody Woodpecker" prior to their launch.
  9. THIS IS THE ONE!!! Still makes me laugh.
  10. Seawolf1090

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    Cute. I recently bought a package, having eaten them back in my youth in the 1960s/1970s. Okay, but not as good as I remembered them. We kids were easily pleased back then.
    In his later days, Mr. Moore was banned from being able to wear the mask. Some fool had bought the rights to the Lone Ranger image. Mr. Moore had to wear dark sunglasses. But to us who were kids,watching his show back then, he is THE Lone Ranger!
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  11. M118LR

    M118LR Caution: Does not play well with others.

    Back in the day, cowboys loved Maypo.
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  12. I actually got his autograph in person (at a promotional signing). still have it somewhere. Clay Moore is and always will be The Lone Ranger. Just as George Reeves is and always will be Superman. Guess I'm just stuck in the past.
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  13. DKR

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    there is stuck in the past -
    and then there is really stuck in the past.....
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