I am new to this site. This is how I am going to prepare for off grid

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by tstudt, May 13, 2015.

  1. tstudt

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    Hello, lil about me. I am 27 year old, former military, single and surviving is my key to success.

    How I intend to start prepping, I have a 3 year plan to get his accomplished with my budget.

    Late 90's-2000's Chevy Astro Van AWD Built into a living quarter/mini kitchen, ladder rack on top with solar, lifted with all terrain tires. A completely rebuilt van.

    7'x16' Cargo trailer conversion. With a shower/toilet combo, Mini Kitchen with utility sink(for laundry/brushing teeth/kitchen stuff), completely solar, wind turbine and a generator. A place to store a DR650, 100 gallon Fuel Tank and 100 gallon water tank, t.v., refridgerator.

    I will also be plaing 3 underground caches across the nation fully stored with 20+years of survival material to be able to maneuver from place to place.

    I can go more into details on my plans. But cant give away too many of my plans. Let me know what you think and/or if you have any ideas to add or some things I should think about.
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    Welcome and thanks for your service to this country!
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    100 gals of water and 100 gals of gas weighs about 1600 lbs alone, Add on all the other stuff, food, clothes, weapons, ammo, books, and 4wd, you have one heavy gas guzzler. Better hope the gas stations have power and you have a lot of money.

    And we have traveled from FL to Alaska in a small RV. Oh. And better plant a lot more caches "across the country".
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    The trailer has 5200 axles each. And 100 gal. tanks are incase I need to fill all the way up. At normal they will only be filled upto 25 gal. And based on all I am storing in the trailer/van will make it to each location just shy of what are stored in the tanks. Plus the DR650 will be my runner vehicle when I need to find gas. Ammunition I have stockpiled up right now weighs approx. 1200lbs, and the food I am going to store inside is approx. 800lbs. And each location will have enough where I can bugout at until supplies run out. Another thought the van is going to be upgraded to be able to tow that amount of weight.
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    Welcome to the Monkey! At least, you have a thought out plan! I'm interested in hearing more!!
  6. madmax

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    Mybad. I totally missed the trailer part. Sorry.

    So the bike is to find gas and then run back to a totally loaded tricked out rig sitting on the side of the road with desperate refugees looking for supplies?

    Look, I'm really not trying to be a wiener. I've been through this same thing in my head a hundred times. My end decision is to have a bug out place with water no matter how primitive, stock the RV, stock the bugout (homestead) and place caches and get there. I have everything except the stocking of the bugout place.up there.
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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree... With all your planning, what are you going to do about Comms, when the Cellphone System dies? I ask, because Comms is my Thing, and it is commonly overlooked, when Setting Up a Prep'er Plan....
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    Welcome to or little niche of the web world..
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    Welcome to the Monkey.....grab a branch and hang on tight. ;)
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    I have an RV, I just do not like it. I would secure the van/trailer offroad with Camo nets and etc to blend in with the environment and if I needed to, I can lose the trailer to escape/evade. That is what the fuel tank is for if shtf, I can get the vehicle to a secure location(if I run out of supplies). Like I said, I didn't tell my who plan/concept because I didn't feel like sitting at my computer this long to type it all out.

    I am thinking Hams/cbc. And a couple other radio types. I am wanting to learn more on the communications side a little bit more as time goes.
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    Afternoon, the closer you are to your BOL the better. You have to remember--the roads may be controlled by LEO or much worse-thugs. Get to where you are going, conceal all you can, distribute your gear, make it defensible, and hope no one stumbles onto your location with ill intent. Your BO trailer sounds great but it can be a liability if not concealed.
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    Howdy. I like kit and bushcraft. What are your thoughts on resupplyig yourself and preventing food fatigue? People ain't robots.
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    Well, When you are ready, you can check out the Comms forum.... There are lots of Ideas, and Information, there on the Many Forms of Comms available in the USA, as well as plenty of Monkeys with experience in Comms, in General, and Ham Radio, in specific.
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    That's a lot of weight for a 4.3 to pull, let alone the transmission and transfer cases that came in those vans. You'd be better served with a diesel pickup with a cap or slide-in camper. Better fuel economy, too.

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  15. Dont

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    Could be a lot of troubles on that road.. My thoughts are to travel light and quickly to reach your fall back AO..
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