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    The girl scouts are selling their cookies around here (and I assume everywhere) now. I decided to take on a project to say thanks to our troops. A lot of them have acess to PXs where they can get most things they want but there just arent a lot of girl scouts selling cookies in the sand box. I dont have loads of money to put into something like this, in fact just scrape by, but I decided to get with the local troop leader and set up a deal with them. When they set up their tables to sell the cookies they can put up a sign or let folks know that if they will buy a box of cookies and donate them to be sent to our troops, then I will pay for shipping the first case of them to Iraq and arrange for them to be distributed over there to our service folks. Sniper has agreed to pass them out, and will most likely be useing them as saftey awards for the guys and gals who are being safe over there to also help out with his job as saftey6 officer.

    So, my challenge is this, I know a lot of us here may not be able to doas much as we would like to tell the troops we appreciate them but here is a way to get a lot of bang for your buck. Either set up a similar deal with girl scout troops in your area OR I would be more than happy to coordinate it so that those who want to can commit to send me the money for shipping a case (or even to buy a box or 2 of cookies at $3.50 each) and I will collect the donated cookies from the scouts (and purchase those that money is sent for) and I will get them boxed up and shipped over to Sniper to pass around to our millitary folks over there.

    He has 418 Joes on his base and flies to other bases regularly. I would love to see us be able to have mail trucks back up to his can for mail call unloading cases of cookies, enouph for each person on his base to get a box and for him to be able to pass cases on to folks at other bases to pass out. We may be able to do that and we may not, but I bet we can sure send enouph to get noticed at least in his corner of the arena.

    I live in an area very close to Whiteman AFB so Im sure can probably get quite a few donated, but I can only afford to ship one case. Who wants to help me say thanks to our men and wemon serving over there?
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    Is there a way to do something through paypal? More info please.
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    paypal man this is a great idea : worthy of a local tv news spot, everybody loves gs cookies.I'm sure they'd be very well appreciated...fill us in
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    Well Im still trying to expand the idea (or more accurately hammer out details so more can happen) but basicly I have told the local GS leader that if she can get folks to donate boxes of cookies that they are selling for $3.50/box I will pay shipping and have arranged for distribution through Sniper to get them to our troops in Iraq.

    Tomorrow I plan to get the contact info for a person higher in the organization to see if can get a price break on some or some donated by them to get it going better.

    What I am looking at at this point is that I am willing to coordinate it if folks want to either pledge the funds to ship a case if they are donated (havent found out for sure and may depend some on the flavor but am figureing around $30 per case for postage) so that if I can get them donated I can let them know to promptly send funds and will ship them out. Also if folks dont figure they can afford to ship a case if they want to they can send the money (or buy them localy if you prefer and send them over) for a box or however many they want in order to be sure there is more to ship and I will get them and when it gets up to a case (or looks like have what will get for a while) then will go ahead and ship them, first case on me and then by pledges from others.

    I will let you all know what I manage to find out on if can improve our buying power on them, but I also need to start finding out if there are others that will put up postage for the rest and how many can be sent since if it goes well theres no way I could afford to ship say 10-20-50 cases, but I figure most any of us could afford to ship 1 or 2 or at least add a couple boxes of cookies to the stuff to be shipped.
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